Discord allows users to change their profile picture or avatar once they create an account. Here’s how to change the profile picture.

Like other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram, Discord allows users to set a profile picture or avatar. At a time when people all over the world are connected through apps like Discord, profile pictures play an important role as they represent the user. However, while a clean profile picture can make a good first impression, a random picture might not be good. Therefore, users have to spend time to get a good photo and then set it as avatar or profile picture on Discord.

As mentioned earlier, all social platforms that allow users to communicate with each other allow them to set a profile picture. For example, once a user sets a profile picture on WhatsApp, it is visible to all contacts. WhatsApp allows users to hide their profile pictures from others on the platform, but such a feature has yet to come to Discord. On the other hand, Discord allows users to set up animated profile pictures mentioned in the section below.


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When it comes to customization, Discord provides plenty of features. For example, the platform allows users to change their username, create and upload emojis that anyone on the server can use, and set up two-factor authentication on Discord. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, users can change their profile picture, or as Discord like to call it their avatar once they create an account. So it doesn’t matter whether you use Discord on your smartphone or on your desktop computer. You will be able to change your profile picture by following a few simple steps.

Change Your Discord Profile Picture Using Mobile or Desktop


On Discord for desktop, click the gear icon in the lower left corner of the home screen and select “User Profile” from the options that appear on the left. It should be the second option after “My Account”. In the User profile menu, click on “Edit avatar”. Discord will offer two options: “Upload an image” or “Try an animated avatar”. Those who already have a profile photo to select should click on the first option, and those who want to try something new can click on the second option.

When uploading an image, users will be prompted to select an image from their desktop storage. Once they’ve uploaded the image, they’ll have the option to resize it and set it as their Discord profile picture. On the other hand, if users tap “Try on animated avatar”, they will be prompted to choose from a range of GIFs. To do this on a smartphone, open the Discord app, open the Channels menu, and tap the avatar in the lower left corner. In the menu, tap “User Profile”, then tap the current avatar to select “Edit Avatar”. After that, users have to choose a beautiful picture on their mobile to set as their profile picture on Discord.

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