Before 2021 star trek DayStar Trek: Picard fans surprised with an announcement: veteran star trek actress Annie Wersching, who began her career playing Liana on Star Trek: Enterprise, joined the cast as the Borg Queen. With the announcement, the actress technically becomes (which is the best kind of correct) the fourth person to take on the role of the Collective’s alluring matriarch/monarch.

The Borg Queen’s first appearance in 1996 Star Trek: First Contact introduced the world to one of the greatest female villains in science fiction history. The character was described as “a fully living disembodied torso lowered by mechanical armatures into an expectant, shapely female body”, who “plans the assimilation of the human race”, per star trek author Andy Mangels in Star Trek: The Villains. After Seven of Nine briefly became a Borg Queen in picardthe first season, there is now technically four Total queens.


In picardIn the season opener, a new Borg queen arrives with a startling message for Sir Patrick Stewart’s Admiral Jean-Luc Picard: instead of assimilation, she, who is the multitude, wants peace. Well, she wants peace once she drains the Stargazer of its power. Introducing a new queen also means introducing a new look, and it’s unlike anything a queen has worn before. She wears an all-black dress, a chain-link helmet reminiscent of a Borg Cube version of Elizabethan armor, and tentacle-like weapons ready to stun. But how does the new Borg Queen fit into the bigger picture?

Who is the Borg Queen?


When the Borg Collective became one of Starfleet’s greatest threats in Star Trek: The Next Generation, they only showed a collective Hive spirit. Like all drone insects, the Borg eventually needed a queen to guide them in their elusive goal of assimilating the human race. In First contactBrannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore created a Borg Queen to bring order to the Borg Collective and be that guide.

Unlike the Borg drones, the queen has a unique personality and sense of individuality. She controls the Hive’s mind and generally “speaks” for the Collective. In his words, “I am the beginning. The end. The multiple. I am the Borg.”

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According to star trek website, it is unknown if more than one queen exists simultaneously or if a new queen is created when the old one dies. Either way, a new queen may have all the qualities and memories of her predecessors and counterparts, perhaps over time. Screeners sent to critics for picardThe second season of provided some interesting facts about the queen, so keep watching!

stewart krige

Alice Krige originated the role of the Borg Queen in First contact, giving the audience someone to hate. Krige’s Queen leads the Borg in an attempt to alter Earth’s history, but the Enterprise intervenes, putting a stop to the Collective’s plan and killing the Queen.

Despite his death, Krige’s performance had a huge impact on the character, with each monarch opting for the hanging torso and skin-tight leather costume. According to Krige, the crew “gasped” upon seeing her in the costume for the first time. Fans are all familiar with the scene and the costume as well: when the Borg Queen emerges from her lair and reassembles into a predominantly artificial body, the arms, legs, and torso appear to be fully synthetic, while the head and shoulders appear to be organic, but with substantial cybernetic implants.

Krige reprized the role to face a future Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) in the Star Trek: Voyager finale, “Endgame”, an episode that led her to call out “the producers” about the Queen identifying as “omnisexual“The Queen Dies again after Janeway introduces a neurolytic pathogen into the hive. Krige came back for Star Trek: The Experience to drive Borg Invasion 4D and Star Trek: lower decks.

Star Trek: Voyager’s Susanna Thompson

Susanna Thompson

Susanna Thompson is a star trek regular, playing two GNT characters, Lenara Kahn in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the enigmatic Borg Queen on Traveler. Although the Enterprise destroyed the organic components of the Borg Queen in First contactthe Collective soon replaced the Monarch with another nearly identical successor, played by Thompson.

Thompson’s queen reunites Traveler in the Delta Quadrant seeking to return Seven of Nine to the Collective in “Dark Frontier”, and again when a subconscious realm infecting the Borg drones with their previous individuality threatens the Collective. In a 1998 interview, the Traveler The actress described Krige’s Queen as “kind of more sexual and human-emotional”, compared to Thompson’s Queen, “less sexual but very witty tricks”.

If Krige’s queen died in ‘Endgame’, shouldn’t Thompson have voiced the queen in Lower decks?

Long live the Queen

Long live the Queen

In picard Season 1, Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) briefly becomes a Borg queen. The once-assimilated daughter of Magnus and Erin Hansen, who collected the Federation’s first data on the Borg, must attach herself to the device inside the Queen’s Liar and say, “We are the Borg” to save Borg and the xBs on the artifact.

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When Seven takes control of the Cube and becomes a queen, she controls all of the remaining Borg in stasis. Now in charge of the Cube, she can help the xBs fight off the Romulans trying to kill them, but when the Romulans get the upper hand and flush out the remaining Borg, Seven cries, “No!” It’s clear that Queen Seven feels the pain of every drone. Although she feared giving in to the temptation of power once her duties were completed, she willingly disconnected from the device.

There is also a version of the Borg Queen Seven of Nine in star trek onlinevoiced by Ryan.

Star Trek: Picard’s Annie Wersching


Borg Queen of Wersching is an exciting addition to picard this season. Co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman told Polygon he found inspiration in how the Borg Queen’s existence is “pretty binary”. He added: “She’s either connected to everyone or completely disconnected.”

He also said the Borg Queen would be paired with Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill). “While there are clearly feelings and encounters that are driven by feelings with Seven and the Borg Queen, and Picard in the Borg Queen – we know those stories,” Goldsman added. “We told these stories. We could tell them with a kind of darker, more graphic grammar because we broadcast. But otherwise, it’s the same story.”


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