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We like Holly willoughbythe lifestyle site of Wylde Moon – it contains so many behind-the-scenes snippets that we would never have been able to experience normally.

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On Tuesday night, the account shared a never-before-seen pic of Holly preparing for an awards show in a stunning white ball gown with her stylist Danielle Whiteman under her skirt, making adjustments! The glam life of a fashion designer, right?

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Holly said of her stylist: “I would be lost without Danielle. For me her real power is in her attention to detail. I always feel safe in her hands because she knows how to dress women to be. beautiful in real life, not just in a captured image. Danielle is an unruffled calm in any situation, always there with a needle and thread to protect my modesty from the prying eyes of the red light. “

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Dannii – who has worked with the blonde beauty for a long time – gave a fabulous interview with the site about what it’s like to work with one of the UK’s most famous women, and it’s fascinating. She’s got an overflowing Holly red carpet prep kit, Spanx, anti-static spray, and body tape!


Holly’s stylist, Dannii, works her magic!

Holly, a mother of three, thinks a lot about her stylist. She recently said, “Her kit of panties, tapes and nipple stickers is a pretty amazing sight, and it’s safe to say that she’s gotten to know me really, really well over the years! I’m not a model and I’m not a sample size girl from top to bottom, so it’s very hard to trust another person to dress you up, and that trust only comes with time and experience. “


Dannii collects all of Holly’s outfits

“Danielle understands me, and in fact, I think half the job of a stylist instinctively is knowing and caring for what’s going on inside a client, as much as outside. . “

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The 40-year-old gently joked, “She knows me, and like all my team, she’s a friend. She’s seen it all and has often had to help me get through the times when the show has to go on, despite what. is happening with me personally.I guess you could say that she helps me put on my big girl pants both metaphorically and physically!

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