Faridadabad: Home Minister Anil Vij’s unscheduled visit to Faridabad on Saturday not only surprised the police department, but the police also realized the importance of improving their image. “The image of the officials should encourage residents to greet them when they go out or face the public,” he remarked when speaking with senior police officials during a brief meeting at the district police headquarters. He said that apart from the need to improve the image and credibility of the cops, he asked the relevant officials to work hard to curb drug trafficking in the region.

“Factionalism” in AAP

Rohtak: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) may not have been able to build a sizable mass base in Haryana, but factionalism and infighting already appear to have plagued the party’s state unity. AAP state official Sushil Gupta held a road show, public meeting and press conference in Rohtak on Sunday, but party spokesperson Loveleen Tuteja aka Lovely did not inform or invited journalists to any of the events. Lovely said the events were organized by the district party chairman and some local leaders in their personal capacity. On the other hand, the organizers maintained that they had sent the invitations to the press correspondents, but there was a certain lack of communication because they did not have the telephone numbers of all the correspondents.

Card row in BJP at Panipat

Panipat: All is not for the best in the ruling party in Panipat. The ruling party is in the spotlight for the invitation cards of two separate programs on Sunday. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s program was scheduled in Panipat to inaugurate the newly built sugar mill in Dahar village on Sunday evening. The invitation card was distributed on which the names of Cooperative Minister Banwari Lal, MP Sanjay Bhatia, MP Ramkaran and Rural MP Mahipal Dhanda were mentioned as Dahar village is in rural Panipat constituency but the name of MP for Panipat Urban Pramod Vij was missing. Another invitation card was distributed to invite people to the “Nirmal Sarovar” program at the district level in which the name of the only MP Pramod Vij was mentioned because the program is taking place in the urban constituency but the name of the mayor Avneet Kaur was missing both cards. Political sources said all is not well in the ruling party.

Contributed by: Bijendra Ahlawat, Sunit Dhawan, Mukesh Tandon

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