Heaven And Hell Records has announced the addition of guitar shredder Guy Mann-Dude to their ever-growing roster.

Guy Mann-Dude (Guy Shiffman) is an American-born musician who was best known in the late 1980s and early 1990s after his eponymous band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988. Musician rebirth, Shiffman started out as a drummer. and would find himself supporting YES singer Jon Anderson on his 1982 animation tour. Although an accomplished drummer working in the studio and leading his bands, Shiffman turned to his first love – the guitar – and reinvented himself as Guy Mann-Dude.

Before going solo, the guitarist was part of the Michael Angelo Band. In 1988, Mann-Dude struck a deal with MCA for his first solo album titled Sleight Of Hand. Bassist Barry Sparks (Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mary Friedman) would be recruited for the album, along with the late drummer David Eagle. The following year, July 26, 1989, The First Nightmare of Instrumental Shredding would be released.

The album reportedly attracted little attention, received little to no support, and was not pushed by the label. However, Mann-Dude’s reputation continued to grow.

In 1989 Mann-Dude would be part of heavy metal supergroup The Dudes Of Wrath with Paul Stanley of KISS and Desmond Child both on vocals, Vivian Campbell on guitar, Rudy Sarzo of Whitesnake on bass guitar and Tommy Lee of Mötley. Crüe to the drums. The band has been specially assembled to record a song called “Shocker” for the soundtrack of the Wes Craven film of the same name. The same year, he also lent his gunsling skills to Robin Beck’s hit album Trouble Or Nothin and Alice Cooper’s Trash in 1989.

In 1991, it was time for a Guy Mann-Dude follow-up. However, this sophomore effort would see a slight change from the first album’s shredfest. Yet as a trio comprising Mann-Dude, Sparks and Eagle, they self-release Mannic Distortion (often cited as Guy Mann-Dude’s Mannic Distortion) under the name Metal Future Records. This 10-song effort would see vocals added to most of the songs contributed by all three members. Only two of the pieces would be instrumental. Mannic Distortion would also dive head first into Bay Area-style thrash metal that could easily have rivaled any of its contemporaries of the time. The album will receive another small release on Czech label Poprun. Neither would achieve mass worldwide distribution, which made the album rather scarce in the years that followed.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its release, Heaven And Hell Records is reissuing Guy Mann-Dude’s Mannic Distortion, limited to 500 CDs. This release will benefit from the H&H Records treatment that metal audiences have come to expect; featuring sound remastered by Jamie King Audio, a lovely booklet full of photos, full lyrics and new updated artwork. In addition, three additional never-before-released bonus tracks that were intended for the original Mannic Distortion release.

List of tracks:

“Hand in hand (death walks with life)”
“Against a current”
“Blue liquid eyes”
“Broke Dick Dog”
“Faces in the dark”
“Compliance (No, not me!)”
“The Band of Carnage”
“Let me out”
“Man overboard”
“Scare by its own shadow”
“No stone not returned”