The great thing about the digital world is how it is continually changing as we speak. And believe it or not, each passing day brings something more innovative than the next.

If you have great lighting and a professional photographer on hand, you’ll definitely get some decent pictures. And that’s true even if your camera isn’t the best device there is. But if the lighting is poor, well, so will the results.

The same goes for digital noise when taking photos using only a smartphone. The more noise, the more clutter, and the end result is simply poor.

But what if we told you that Google Research has come up with a great new tool that can combat all of this? This is the case with the latest tool from Google Research which includes an image noise reducer, powered by AI technology. And from what we’re hearing so far, it’s a mind-blowing tool that’s been discovered.

It’s a great open-source project that’s getting plenty of rave reviews as we speak. It’s called MultiNerf and we think things might finally be changing for the better.

The algorithms work on data obtained from raw images and that, combined with the magic of AI, really paves the way for something brilliant. See, the tool decides and presents what a particular video looks like without the disturbances seen with noise generated by image sensors.

If you happen to be as excited as we are with the news, well, we’d like to let you know that it’s still in the works. The product is in the research phase and is not yet about to be launched.

Either way, one thing is certain. We love how the developments are already causing crazy excitement in the digital world.

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