Eagle-eyed Google Earth users spotted a rebel “f *** you” symbol on the roof of a building in Oslo, Norway.

The illustration of a hand giving the middle finger is only visible from above – so it appears the prankster intended the obscene hand gesture for users of satellites or drones taking pictures of their home.

It is clearly visible on top of a gable roof at coordinates 59 ° 54’17 “N 10 ° 46’05” E and has been shared on social media.

TikTok user @googleearthglobal tells their subscribers to “send this to your friends”.

“F *** you friend,” they then wrote in the caption of the clip.

From a distance the roof looks quite normal

The video has been viewed over 1.8 million times and people were seriously impressed, many admitting that they sent it to their friends to wrap up.

One user wrote: “I am going to send it to my friend now, he is going to be bored.”

“I sent it without looking at it,” admitted a second viewer.

Another user said the contact details were “certainly real” and someone else commented that “this man is a legend”.

It comes after a Google Earth user claimed to have spotted a mysterious SOS sign over 150 feet in diameter in the middle of a remote desert.

The image is there if you zoom in
The image is there if you zoom in

“SOS Stranded,” read the message in the sand, next to another sign that simply read, “NO.”

Another mystery was an apparent “burning cross” in an icy wasteland that left many scratching their heads in confusion, while others believed the satellite image showed the tragic consequences of a plane crash .

Google Earth is software that creates a 3D representation of the globe from satellite images.

The geo-navigator displays aerial images, oceans and geographic data. There is a free version, as well as pro and enterprise.

It is often used by conspiracy theorists who are looking for strange things and anomalies in the pictures.

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