Franklin County Public Schools advertised bus drivers using banners on buses like this one in Rocky Mount.

Franklin News-Post, File


Many school divisions in the region struggle to get students to and from school every day. Franklin County Public Schools are no exception.

Currently, the division has no one assigned to eight routes across the county. With those eight routes and the normal calls from existing bus drivers for a variety of reasons, the division is normally down 15 routes each day. While the division has two contract drivers who are on call every day to fill routes, they are simply not enough.

In order to ensure that the 542 elementary, secondary and adapted courses are covered, everyone is on the bridge. Jason Guilliams, director of operations, explained that the majority of the operations staff, including himself, four office workers and six bus garage mechanics, run routes at the start and end of each day’s work. school since the resumption of classes in August. Even three teachers and a school secretary mobilize to get the job done.

While all the mechanics in the division can cover the routes, Guilliams doesn’t like all six driving at the same time if a bus breaks down.

In recent times, the doubling of routes has become a regular phenomenon. When this happens, drivers take second routes after completing their main routes. Other times, additional students are assigned to buses they don’t normally take, which ultimately leads to longer routes.

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