This is the first photo of a disgruntled father who threatened to kill his ‘frightened’ ex-girlfriend after she refused to take care of his dog.

‘Cross’ Joshua Hickingbottom ‘behaved like a little boy’ and terrified his former partner into thinking she would be stabbed after he rejected his plea to watch the dog.

The 25-year-old harassed her victim with intimidating social media posts claiming he would ‘lamp her’ and even broke one of her bedroom windows.

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He left her a terrifying voicemail alleging he would ‘stab’ her and went on to say ‘I swear to God, when I get my hands on you, I’ll punch you’.

The ‘volatile’ Black Country convict spent four months in custody following the offenses but a judge ruled he could be released from prison.

Hickingbottom – from Wallace Road, Wolverhampton – showed up at her ex-partner’s home after she refused to take care of her dog and smashed her window on August 21.

Three days later, he began threatening the woman in the early hours of the morning, prosecutor Katie Fox said.

She said: “At around 2.45am he sent her a series of threatening messages using both social media and phone calls. He said ‘I feel like killing someone, I’m ‘don’t care if it was you’.

The accused then went to his victim’s home later that day and rang the bell several times, demanding that she let him into the property.

He threatened to break another window if she refused to let him in and was seen ‘looking around trying to find something’ to throw at the property before leaving.

Hickingbottom gave police a prepared statement denying harassing the woman when she was arrested on an unrelated matter on September 1.

But he later admitted to having made a person fear violence between July 25 and August 26 last year.

He was given a two-year community order – meaning he could immediately be released from police custody – when he appeared at Wolverhampton Crown Court on January 10.

Hickingbottom – who was convicted of 12 prior offenses including assault and criminal damage – was also given a five-year restraining order barring any contact with his victim.

Mukhtiar Ubhi, defending, said the defendant had spent the last four months in detention.

He added: “He realized he couldn’t go on like he was doing. He realized his actions had consequences.

“Now he really understands that there are consequences and he has to deal with them.”

At sentencing, Judge Rhona Campbell said the victim was said to have been “frightened” when threatened by Hickingbottom.

She added: “It’s quite obvious that you have the potential to be volatile, to be quite threatening.

“There was a lack of maturity and insight, behaving like a little boy.

“You got angry about the arrangements that went wrong. When she refused to take care of your dog, you got angry and that led to you breaking a window.

“There was then an exchange of messages that took place in which you were threatening, in social media messages and voicemail, to hurt her, to stab her and to say that you were ready to kill her.

Hickingbottom was also ordered to perform 25 hours of unpaid work, pay a victim surcharge and be subject to a 25-day rehabilitative activity requirement.

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