Once upon a time there was a great friendship. However, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee no longer have such a close relationship. Their friendship has already separated. That’s what it gives to Bollywood. However, they were reviewed in a frame.

Farha Khan shared photos of the two heroines on Instagram accompanied by Karna Johar, Sajid Khan and Farhan Akhtar. Aishwarya’s sithi (forehead) is filled with vermilion. On the other hand, rani Mukherjee is seen without makeup with Sajid-Farhan. However, fans are caught off guard seeing two “friends” in one frame.

Bollywood people claim that the two friends have been going wild since filming “Chalte Chalte” in 2003. In this film, Rani was seen next to Shah Rukh Khan, but Aishwarya was caught. However, her “boyfriend” Salman broke into the set and vandalized it. Critics say it angered Shah Rukh and cut Aishwarya off. After so many years, many people are upset to see two “friends” in one frame.

Farah Khan wrote: “#flashbackfriday.. housewarming party 2001 at first house i bought.. ps- @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb had cm straight from Devdas set plus rare n sindoor photo of @karanjohar in non designer clothes @faroutakhtar @aslisajidkhan #ranimukherjee.”

Farah said Friday alongside the photo that it was taken the day she moved into her first home in Mumbai in 2001. Why is Aishwarya’s forehead filled with vermilion? The Bollywood director wrote, “Aishwarya arrived right after Devdas was filmed. That’s why she has vermilion on her forehead. Farah says it’s a “rare” scene. That’s it! Two “friends” together. And Karan Johar who is hard to imagine without a designer dress is in a plain shirt!