Our April 2022 subscriber coverage… revealed! Undoubtedly too GORE-geously grotesque for shelves, the latest Fango will celebrate Ti WestThe long-awaited return of horror in his new film A24 X. With a vintage-style Fango cover in honor of West’s last shock game in 1979 – the same year as FANGORIA it just so happens to have debuted. Our EIC Heralds Phil Nobile Jr. X as “a film that rejuvenates the slasher genre in exciting and totally unexpected ways”, and we know horror fans are sure to fall in love with West’s latest throwback too, when it hits theaters on the 18th. March.

For those of you who are equally excited for the release of X since we’re here at Fango, you’ll definitely want to check out Heather Wixson’s in-depth interview with West in Issue 15. During the conversation, West discusses his time away from making horror films and also offers all sorts of gory details about its twisted and tantalizing slasher, including working with a talented cast that includes characters like Fango cover girl. Jenna Ortega, Mia Goth, Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi), Brittany Snow, Martin Henderson and Owen Campbell.

FANGORIA Issue 15 highlights include:

  • Fango veteran Abbie Bernstein returns to our pages to discuss the practical effects at the heart of the latest chapter of the jurassic world saga, Domination.
  • Fango also celebrates the magic of practical effects with an article on the legendary special effects pioneer Phil Tippetand his decades-long journey to bring his stop-motion masterpiece crazy god to bear fruit.
  • Fans may recognize Joe Lo Truglio for his comedic chops in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, hot and humid American summerand Renew 911!but in this issue, Joe shares a first look at his feature debut, the very unfunny PTSD horror flick Outpost.
  • Director Timo Tjahjanto is as known for its bone-splitting action as it is for its unsettling horror; Fango speaks with the director about how to straddle this blurred line with his work.
  • dog soldiers turns 20, and to commemorate this milestone, we chat with the filmmakers behind the British horror actor who share never-before-seen photos from the film.
  • “Gateway Horror” is a buzzword these days, and filmmaker Tibor Takács discusses the enchanting inspirations behind one of the landmark films in this canon, the aptly titled The doorwhich also turns 35 this spring.

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