What songs are on Zak Bagans NecroFusion album and where is the disc available for purchase? Paranormal Investigator Zak Bagans Best Known For Hosting The Ghost Hunting Reality Series Ghost adventures, which premiered in 2008 and has since racked up over 20 seasons. The show follows Bagans and his team as they travel to seemingly haunted places across the United States (and sometimes beyond) and attempt to collect evidence of paranormal activity such as apparitions, unexplained cold spots, and EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

Bagans has worked on many other paranormal themed shows other than Ghost adventures. He hosted the ghost hunt reality contest Paranormal challenge and the Discovery + horror anthology series The haunted museum, in addition to producing other spooky shows, including To help! My house is haunted and Destination Fear. Bagans also directed the paranormal documentary feature Demonic house in 2018 he investigated the haunting Ammon case in Gary, Indiana and also wrote a few books, one of which is titled Ghost hunting for dummies. In 2012, Bagans turned to music.


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The result was that of Zak Bagan NecroFusion – an album that the paranormal investigator produced in collaboration with the Belgian musician Praga Khan of the electro-industrial-techno group Lords of Acid, of which Bagans is a big fan. The record combines Khan’s trademark techno sound with recordings of Bagans communicating with spirits and responses he captured via EVP. Read on for a list of the 11 tracks that make up Praga Khan and Zak Bagans. NecroFusion album.

Zak Bagans the haunted museum
  • “In my dungeon”
  • “Good or bad”
  • “Poor Pearl (feat. Bobby Mackey”
  • “Immortal Portal”
  • “Sing for me”
  • ” Waiting “
  • “They speak”
  • “Demonator”
  • “Room 20”
  • “Dark frequency”
  • “Eleven paradises”

Each of Zak Bagans’ 11 tracks NecroFusion centers around specific crazy paranormal experiences he has had with the spirit world. The opening track “In My Dungeon”, for example, features recordings captured in Bagans’ own dungeon on a Las Vegas property he once owned. Portions of the song “Poor Pearl (feat. Bobby Mackey)” were recorded at a Kentucky nightclub owned by country singer Bobby Mackey, where Bagans claims to have contacted Pearl Bryan, a murder victim at the end of the XIXth century.

Praga Khan and Zak Bagans NecroFusion The album is available for purchase on Amazon (in whole or as individual songs), while Apple Music and Spotify members can also listen to the disc with their subscriptions. Fans of the duo’s creepy sound might also want to check out the track “Paranormal Energy” from the Lords of Acid album. Deep chills which includes voices of Ghost adventures Zak Bagans and was the song that sparked their NecroFusion project. As the NecroFusion album, the track is available for purchase through Amazon or to listen with Apple Music and Spotify subscriptions.

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