GUYANA hopes that the Communist Party of China (CPC) will continue its innovative and wise government policies with Chinese characteristics, to fuel China’s progress and further assume China’s responsibilities as a major world power that champions the causes of countries. developing,” said Guyana’s ambassador. to China, Anyin Choo told the Beijing-run tabloid world times recently, ahead of the 20th CPC National Congress.

Choo believes that China’s governance model and development path, under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping, can be learned by many developing countries, such as how the Chinese government has shown great innovation. by formalizing the concept of a socialist country with Chinese characteristics. The concept allowed the Chinese government to derive its own governance system and complementary economic policies, which worked for the Chinese people based on China’s unique situation, Choo said.

Many policies applied in China have been tested and perfected over time. China has been very innovative and wise in creating its governance and economic systems, which have been responsible for China’s rapid economic growth, according to the ambassador.

As the most populous country in the world, China faces far more challenges than other countries. As the ruling political party, the CCP has ensured over the years that all of its internal policies are and continue to be people-centered in order to build a strong nation; first by meeting the most basic needs of its population and ensuring food security, health care and job creation, Choo told the world times.

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Choo applauded the Chinese leader’s vision and efforts to lift more than 100 million people out of poverty, which is a solid foundation for nation building. “It should be noted that since the implementation of China’s reform and opening-up policies, all successive Chinese leaders, including President Xi, have pursued political reforms to ensure that not only China continues to develop and progress, but also that it does so while working hand in hand with the international community for the benefit of all citizens of the world for a shared future,” said Choo.

“China has achieved a lot in the past decade. Despite its achievements, China has also shouldered its responsibilities as a great power and championed the causes of many developing countries, raising collective voices on issues worlds,” the envoy said. said.

China has also, through various initiatives, provided much-needed technical and financial support to developing countries so that the gap in development needs in many countries can be bridged in one way or another, facilitating thus access to resources for many developing countries. This is reflected in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Global Development Initiative, among others, she noted.

Choo believes the CPC has shown exemplary leadership vision as they are able to see the world as one unit. His diplomatic wisdom has been reflected in many roles played by the Chinese government in the multilateral system and also at the bilateral level. Many mechanisms launched by China have provided many developing countries with partnerships, financing options and access to much-needed resources to meet their development needs, enabling developing countries to develop within the the global community.

The ambassador appreciated that China is extending a helping hand to the developing world and providing much-needed access and support through the provision of vaccines and personal protective equipment.

Choo pointed to the greatest achievement of China-Guyanese friendship, including people-to-people exchanges and engagements, which have led to mutual understanding and respect and served as a solid foundation for expanding and strengthening. bilateral relations.

She was also impressed with how increasing investment from China in recent years has contributed to Guyana’s growth in trade, employment and socio-economic development. They also supported Guyana’s trajectory of accelerated economic growth with unprecedented double-digit growth rates over the past three years amid a global pandemic.

According to data from China Customs, bilateral merchandise trade volume has increased by 213% over the past five years, with an average annual growth rate of over 42.5%.

Choo said Guyana has benefited from several initiatives under the BRI such as the training of professionals in health, agriculture and other professional fields, participation in development forums and dialogues , cooperation in the economic and technical fields, and there are also several projects in preparation which will be implemented soon under the aegis of the BRI. She said these projects complement Guyana’s accelerated economic growth to provide better access to goods and services.

Choo expects that there are many unexplored avenues for cooperation and strengthening cooperation between the two countries, such as new and renewable energy, green and climate-resilient infrastructure, agricultural diversification with new technologies. and trade in the global carbon market.

This article was first published in the world times on October 11, 2022. The world times is an English-language Chinese tabloid under the People’s Dailyan official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party.