When James Cameron makes a movie, he aims to wow you. just look The Terminator. Or Terminator 2. Or aliens. Or Titanic. ‘Mind-blowing’ is its default mode. So when Cameron unleashed Avatar to largely unsuspecting audiences in 2009, it’s no wonder it became the greatest movie of all time – transporting jaw-dropping audiences to the bioluminescent paradise of Pandora in a sci-fi B-blockbuster of proportions epic. Now he’s preparing to do it again – not once but four times – with a quartet of oversized sequels that take Jake, Neytiri and their Na’vi family around the world and into the pastures now. The first to come out is Avatar: The Way of the Water – a film that will dive deep into the uncharted oceans of Pandora with new clans, new creatures and an all-new adventure to unfold. Get ready: James Cameron is about to blow your mind again.

The new number of Empire takes a major and exclusive look at the world on Avatar: The Way of the Water (and its follow-up films), head to Cameron Lightstorm HQ to see inside an epic, watery new saga. Get ready to meet the water-dwelling Metkayina clan, learn about the fearsome enemies waging war this time around, uncover Jake and Neytiri’s family secrets (and believe us, there’s of the serious secrets), and explore Cameron’s larger plan for all four films. It’s a problem with unparalleled access to the film, its cast and crew – with interviews from Cameron himself, producer Jon Landau, stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis and many others ; Plus, it’s stacked with never-before-seen images that offer your best look at what’s in store. This issue is your ticket to a whole new era of Pandora.

And the exclusives start now: on newsstands cover this month, get a preview of Kate Winslet’s newest character from the film, Ronal, the co-leader of the Metkayina clan. She’s “deeply loyal and a fearless leader”, Winslet tells us – here she is, fangs bared and ready for action with her battle spear in hand.

Stay tuned for more mass Avatar: The Way of the Water exclusives coming very soon.

Also in this issue, we take a whole new look at She-Hulk: Lawyer; get the low on Andor, Ahsoka and The Mandalorian Season 3 in an epic Star Wars Celebration feature; go deep with Jordan Peele on UFO horror Nope; catch up with Michael Mann on his Heat follow; talking about video library memories with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary; reconnect with the Predator in Prey; And much more. It’s a must-watch issue, filled with the most exciting movies and TV shows to come in the near future.

Empireit is Avatar: The Way of the Water issue on newsstands from Thursday, July 7 – but you can pre-order a copy online now here. Avatar: The Way of the Water hits UK cinemas from 16 December.