Still, life isn’t all work and no play. On weekends you will often see them at the local pub, where Goulding’s brother just started a job as a chef and now lives on the streets. “Caspar’s parents also live nearby and we have had a few people over – Caspar is very social.” And they’re playing with a birthday trip – if they can get away with it. Meanwhile, Goulding is back writing in a Northamptonshire studio, which she adapts to baby Arthur’s schedule. Can we expect another album soon? “It will probably be released next year. I’m writing so much right now, sometimes you just have a really good set of songs that you really like. This album will be less of an emotional journey than Brightest blue was; it’s more me who writes pure pop songs that you can really move on. ‘

And what is she most proud of in her career? Goulding pauses. “I am proud to play in the number of festivals that I have played, because I have always found myself in formations composed mainly of groups and male singers. So I have always been proud to be able to be at the top of the alignments where there were mainly men. I can’t wait to play at festivals again. ‘

At this point, his manager, Hannah, summons Arthur, who woke up from his sleep. “Do you mind if he joins us?” Goulding asks. He sits, bouncing, eyes wide on his knee, already a strong and sturdy baby. “I think he got hold of his father,” she said, hugging him. But festivals worry her, and the conversation turns to Glastonbury, canceled again this year due to the pandemic. “It’s such a brilliant festival, it’s so iconic and you can really feel it when you’re there. It’s a really proud moment for any musician to play at Glastonbury. ‘ She reflects as she thinks about her writing studio in Northamptonshire. “Of course you have to have new music to present. I hope I will be asked in return. With her star quality, there is no doubt that she will.

Ellie Goulding’s 2021 Brightest Blue Tour is set to take place in October in the UK and Ireland.

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