Dying Light 2 Stay Human is officially out now, and it’s a solid, often rather pretty experience on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, but what about the latest-gen consoles? We’ve only seen fairly brief snippets of the game running on older machines – could we have another Cyberpunk 2077 situation on our hands, where the game is only playable on Xbox One and PS4 in name only? Hopefully not.

Tech leads at Digital Foundry put Dying Light 2 through its paces on older consoles, and while you’re certainly not getting the full next-gen experience, it looks like the game is perfectly playable. The title’s core assets are largely identical regardless of generation, with a few tweaks to lighting and ambient occlusion being the only real changes. The base Xbox One and PS4 run at non-dynamic 864p, while the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro run at 1080p. All the latest-gen consoles run at a locked 30fps, and for the most part performance seems to be rock-solid – only the PS4 Pro occasionally drops a frame or two. That said, there is a fair amount of screen tearing, especially on base consoles. Unsurprisingly, the Xbox One X is your best bet, delivering 1080p, a solid 30fps, and the lowest amount of screen tearing. You can check out Digital Foundry’s full findings for yourself below.

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Pretty impressive considering the scope of Dying Light 2, although given the length of the game’s development, it undoubtedly started life on Xbox One/PS4. Didn’t follow Dying Light 2? I found it to be a fun parkour playground in Wccftech’s full review, although some of the scars from its long and messy development are quite obvious…

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is another exhilarating playground of parkour and zombies from Techland, though sometimes the seams that hold it all together are a little obvious. Considering the game’s glitches, minor gameplay annoyances, and the roughly split story and world, the reports of behind-the-scenes issues seem all too plausible. That said, the foundation here is rock solid, and Techland have proven themselves capable builders over the long haul, so I’m confident the embers of Dying Light 2 can be fanned in time.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.