In case someone forgot, David Beckham belongs to Victoria beckham. The 38-year-old retired football player recently received a new ink in honor of his 14-year-old wife. The couple attended the Global Fund at Apsley House in London on Monday, September 16, and David showed off his love for Victoria.

The handsome athlete showed off a tattoo that read “Victoria” in cursive script on the top of his right hand. The new body art matches the style of a tattoo on the top of her left hand that says “love.” The stylish duo, both dressed in black suits, held hands while posing for photographers at the event.

However, this is not the first time David’s “Victoria” tattoo has appeared. The ink was clearly visible as David played in a park in New York City with his 2-year-old daughter Harper on September 10. The tattoo could also be spotted when David attended New York Fashion Week with Harper on September 8. In fact, it seems the last time David was not photographed with the tattoo was in mid-July.

This isn’t the first time David has honored his wife with a tattoo, either. On their 10th wedding anniversary in 2009, he said Ellen degeneres he had “10 roses around my arms… for 10 years.” When DeGeneres joked he should have one that looks like Victoria, he said, “I’m very tempted.”

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