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It is then important to be able to estimate how long it will take for a loan to be paid out by the bank. The period from the online loan request to the actual conclusion of the contract and the loan payment is extended. You will immediately receive an e-mail from us after the exam as to whether you will receive the car loan. The verifiable credit bureau entry usually does not give credit. For special repayments, the loan can already be fully repaid.

When will my balance be paid?

When will my balance be paid?

When applying for a loan, you usually need the fastest possible funds. For this reason, many borrowers wonder how long it will actually take until the loan you are looking for is actually available. The duration of the payment always depends on the loan and the lender.

Depending on when the borrower of the house bank provides the relevant documents for inspection, these can also be viewed. If he applies for a loan from a branch, he can already provide all the necessary documentation when submitting the application. These can be consulted by the bank’s adviser and the application process will be accelerated.

However, this only applies to small amounts. If you want to take a large amount of credit, for example, to pay for a vehicle or a home, you need to spend a little more time to pay the loan amount. Because usually not only an adviser to the bank can decide on the lending.

It can therefore be assumed that the application will take between 3 days and several months. Depending on the type of loan and the scope of the revision. Incidentally, if you have an account with the requesting house bank, you can reduce the application by about one day.

In most cases, the funds will be transferred to a bank account and will not be paid out, so you will save one day for the transfer to another bank.

When does this happen?

When does this happen?

It usually only takes a few days until the desired loan amount has been transferred to your bank account. Therefore, you usually do not have to wait for your fee when applying for credit via our credit comparison service, rather than when borrowing via the house bank itself. 2. If you need the loan amount very quickly, you as the borrower can decide when the desired amount will be transferred to your bank account:

Our credit calculator uses the “Payout within 48 hours” filter setting to consider only so-called “fast loans” – also known as instant loans – in the search for the appropriate loan, whereby between the receipt of your documents at the house bank and the payment of your desired amount only a short time passes. If you find a suitable financing offer with a quick payment via our credit calculator, you can simply request a personal financing offer from the bank you are looking for.

You also have the option of influencing the payout rate yourself: Only those who correct all the information will prevent the late processing of their loan application and thus contribute to the financial institution being able to make the required amount of money available as quickly as possible. The same applies to the submission of your credit documents – again, you should make sure that these are complete and submit all the documents required by the house bank from the beginning along with the loan application.

This will avoid inquiries from banks or our loan advisors who will stop the payment. But even for those who need your credit at a certain date, the application process associated with our Credit Calculator offers a favorable setting option: In the last step, you have the option to specify a specific payment date there.

This allows you to apply for credit up to three months in advance.

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