The Biden the summer of the administration was plagued by multiple crises: from Afghanistan, To price increase, to a record influx of migrants at the border.

Even the mainstream media, known for their overwhelmingly favorable coverage of President Biden, couldn’t help but cover the constant trickle of bad news from abroad and at home. Democrats – spurred on by the deaths of 13 US servicemen in Afghanistan – have even started hammering the president.

And as Republicans raked Biden over the coals to get “blood on his hands” in Afghanistan and leave Americans stranded, President Biden needed to steer the national discussion away from his botched withdrawal.

“It’s not about freedom or personal choice”, Biden said in a speech to the nation about his COVID vaccine tenure this month. “It’s about protecting yourself and those around you, the people you work with, the people you care about, the people you love. My job as President is to protect all Americans.”


The announcement sparked a media frenzy as up to 100 million workers could be affected by the mandate. Headlines started to focus on how businesses and organizations would work to follow the mandate, and how the announcements of some organizations saying they would not comply. Republican lawmakers declared mandate ‘unconstitutional’, health and government workers sided streets to protest.

Critics have since sounded that the warrant was a distraction, with Senator Ted Cruz arguing that the administration wanted to change the national discourse of Afghanistan and subsequently “issued this completely illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate.”

But Biden’s woes did not end with the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The border crisis quickly reappeared when the 14000 migrants crammed under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas last week; the Pentagon admitted that a drone strike killed 10 civilians in Afghanistan and not ISIS terrorists; France withdrew its Ambassador to the United States from Washington, DC; news broke that the country’s most senior military officer, General Mark Milley, had given assurances to China America Won’t Hit the country under the Trump administration; and there was confusion over Biden coronavirus recall campaign.

Just days after news of the Del Rio border crisis and failed drone strike hit the headlines, the Biden administration announced a new COVID trip Monday requirements for foreign nationals entering the United States, ordering them to be vaccinated before coming to the country.

The decision nearly backfired on you when Fox News’ Peter Doocy was questioned White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test will be required for migrants at the border, as images of the Del Rio encampment have become difficult to ignore.

And as outrage mounted over the claim that border patrol officers were using whipping Haitian migrants, CDC director Rochelle Walensky on Friday canceled an agency advisory committee, saying the COVID booster will also be available to healthcare workers and others at high risk for the virus, after a panel of the FDA rejected distributing the recalls to the general public last week.

This decision put her in defense and she told the media that her agency was “absolutely follow science” after fears that Biden’s administration was backing down on a vow to listen to health experts during the pandemic.


As various issues mounted for Biden, critics escalated criticism that his administration was diverting attention from the negative press.

Senator Josh Hawley rang the bell after reporters were denied questions in the Oval Office during Biden’s meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, criticizing Congress Democrats for “standing up for ‘Biden”escape, distraction and outright lies. ”

And even as the news cycle intensified last week with more losses for the administration, Biden had a long weekend at a Delaware beach, which the critics hung on as proof of having a absent president.

But Biden stayed on the vaccine message and told the nation on Friday he would receive the recall and also focused on warning the “more than 70 million Americans who failed to get a single injection “.


“There are elected officials who are actively working to undermine the fight against Covid-19 with false information. This is totally unacceptable ”, Biden said.