The design, created by Coverkitchen’s in-house team, ranks first for best cover design out of hundreds of competitors.

Coverkitchen, a Singapore-based book design company, has been named the winner of the prestigious IndieReader Discovery Award for Best Cover Design in the Fiction category, recognizing the high caliber artistry and creativity of its in-house team. The cover was designed for the satirical science fiction book Alpha Max by award-winning author Mark A. Rayner.

The annual Discovery Award was judged by a panel of publishing industry leaders, including internationally acclaimed artist and author Lilanne Milgrom and photographer Phil Leo, whose images have been used on the covers of several books international hits. With hundreds of entries worldwide, Coverkitchen’s win highlights its exceptional conceptual thought, artistry and execution distilled into compelling cover art.

To create an effective science fiction and fantasy book cover, designers often have to walk the line between the cliché and the quirky, the overdone and the oversimplified. Coverkitchen’s design for Alpha Max takes a more minimalist approach, focusing on clarity, rich color contrast, and compelling visuals.

The design team uses playful typography and quirky graphic illustration – a split head containing the cosmos – to convey the concept of the multiverse and the eclectic twists of the story. Using ample white space balances all elements and draws attention to the central image and title of the book. The design targets several points: to pique readers’ interest, communicate the theme of the story, set the right tone, and establish a strong first impression.

Despite the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, covers are integral to the success and marketability of a book. It brings the book to life and ensures a positive reception from potential readers.

For the past three decades, Coverkitchen has been dedicated to creating unique, eye-catching covers that stand out among a shelf full of books. Winning the award for Best Cover Design further validates the hard work and remarkable effort of the team behind each design and visual story – inspiring them to innovate and continue to produce extraordinary works of art.

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About Coverkitchen

Founded in 1990, Coverkitchen combines decades of industry expertise and diverse, multicultural backgrounds with boundless creativity and passion to deliver enhanced design capabilities tailored to each unique story. He uses different design mediums such as traditional illustration, 3D illustrations, custom photography, and hand-drawn typography to create compelling visual images that grab attention and drive sales. All models are original and custom made. The company offers its services to both publishers and independent authors.

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