This nose TikToker what’s up.

A user on the social media platform has gone viral for showing off his unique facial feature – his unusually shaped nose.

The influencer – known as “@baabytess” – took part in a trend where you use your hand to “cover what’s ruining your face”.

Tess shared a clip – which has since gained over 2.4 million likes and 22 million views – of herself sitting in a car and covering her nose.

After a short second, she withdraws her hand to reveal her pronounced muzzle.

She flips to the side and moves to different angles to showcase her triangle-shaped honker.

In the comments section, she wrote, “Here to say I love my nose and wouldn’t change it.”

Fans of Tess shared their own thoughts on her schnoz, including props for how she proudly displayed it online.

“It represents your beautiful ethnicity,” one said, nodding to the fact that Tess identifies as Italian in her TikTok bio. Another added: “I think it’s pretty and a representation of culture and heritage.”

“Girl what?! You’re so pretty!” a user has intervened. “She was born like that I don’t know what’s to hate, she’s beautiful!”

“OMG no absolutely not you are gorgeous,” someone gushed. “I don’t see anything wrong…you look GORGEOUS!” »

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission