Lotto is still going on, and for a player from Cork this weekend it was such a close case but so far away.

The Irish lottery has become a hot topic of late as the € 19million jackpot has been postponed for months, with a TD calling for an investigation as he believes it is “un-winnable”.

MP Bernard Durkan made the extraordinary request for an investigation because no one has managed to land a jackpot since June 6.

For a player from Cork, it was a very special chance over the weekend as they shared a photo of their losing ticket which has a remarkable motif.

The top player line shows the numbers 8, 13, 21, 33, 39, and 41 – and strangely enough, each is exactly a number of what was actually drawn (9, 14, 22, 32, 28, and 42).

The photo was posted on Reddit with one user joking that he should have done it with the +1.

Another described them as “the most unlucky lucky guy I’ve seen”.

Saturday night winning numbers

And they’re not the only unlucky ones, as it seems like no one can get their hands on the ever-growing jackpot.

Some did, however, take home a whopping € million as there was a winner from both Saturday’s Plus 1 and Sunday’s Daily Million.

The Gaeltacht area of ​​Galway is home to the weekend’s first winner, who purchased their winning Quick Pick ticket for Lotto Plus 1 on Saturday, November 20 at the Costcutter shop in Bealadangan village.

A Dublin player bought his winning ticket on Sunday November 21 at the Mace store at Tallaght Business Park in Killinarden.

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