Prime Minister Narendra Modi, back from his 3-day trip to the USA for bilateral meetings and for the UNGA summit, went directly to follow the construction of the new Central Vista. In an attempt to poke fun at Prime Minister Modi, Congress took to Twitter to post transformed images of him walking the Central Vista construction site.

Rohan Gupta, “chairman” of the Congressional Social Media Department posted a transformed image where it showed a cameraman lying on the ground and clicked on a photo of Prime Minister Modi walking around the Central Vista construction site. The image has been clearly transformed, to show that PM Modi was updating the Central Vista project as a publicity stunt.

Rohan Gupta posted this image with the caption “Photographer of the Month”.

Interestingly, this clearly transformed image was not marked as “manipulated media” by social media giant Twitter. If we remember, on May 19, 2021, Congress sent an email to Twitter, asking the social media giant to permanently suspend the Twitter accounts of BJP leaders JP Nadda, Sambit Patra, Smriti Irani, BL Santosh and many other officials for sharing a toolkit, which they claim was prepared by the Congress party to tarnish the reputation of the Modi government amid the raging COVID-19 epidemic.

The email came a day after BJP leaders exposed a toolkit with step-by-step instructions for congressional workers for attacking the Modi government. From slandering the Kumbh Mela and describing it as a “super spreader” to the use of international media and “friendly” journalists to defame Prime Minister Modi, to blocking beds and hoarding it. ‘Other essential supplies for favorable public relations on social media, the content of the toolkit included a range of guidelines for loyal congressional leaders and supporters to follow in order to portray Prime Minister Modi and his government’ s handling of the coronavirus epidemic in a bad light.

Twitter, within one day, had marked the toolbox images as “manipulated media,” making it clear to people that they thought the toolbox image was fake. It is relevant to note that Twitter had no evidence to claim that the toolkit was bogus except for the word from Congress itself.

While Twitter was more than happy to oblige Congress and be part of its toolkit, the social media giant failed to take action against Congress officials sharing blatantly transformed images, like the one shared by Rohan Gupta.

Further, not only did Twitter not bother to brand the fake image as “manipulated media”, the usual “fact checkers” who claim to be defending the truth conveniently failed to take action against this post. BoomLive and AltNews, the self-proclaimed fact-checkers who often cover Islamists have focused on “fact-checking” a false picture different from that shared by Congress.

BoomLive, while ignoring this false image of Congress, “verified the facts” of a clearly bogus post claiming the New York Times congratulated Prime Minister Modi on his visit to the United States.

Checking the image, BoomLive came to the conclusion that the New York Times post was created as a satire.

BoomLive fact check

AltNews, on the other hand, to concentrate on random “fact-checking” videos of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, which were genuine but they said were used to “show he was disrespectful”. Essentially, AltNews wrote a “fact check” to try to prove that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi respected Manmohan Singh and to refute video evidence to the contrary that has been available for years.

The fact-checking was carried out by Mohammad Zubair, the co-founder of AltNews who is under investigation by POCSO for bullying and doxxing on an underage girl.

AltNews fact check

While BoomLive focused on proving that an image praising Prime Minister Modi was satire, AltNews focused on proving that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had never disrespected former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In doing so, they clearly did not bother to “fact-check” an obviously altered image released by Congress itself, as their fact-check is intended to serve the purpose of Islamists or political parties. who oppose the BJP, Prime Minister Modi or the elements that work against the cause of India itself.

In fact, even Shekhar Gupta’s The Print attempted to “fact-check” the New York Times satire by claiming the image was “viral” when it actually was not.

Fact-checking by The Print

While the New York Times satire image was clearly not viral, the ‘satire’ image posted by Rohan Gupta was shared by several anti-Modi, anti-India elements to mock the Prime Minister, and yet, BoomLive and The Print chose to “fact-check” the NYT image instead of this one, while POCSO accused Mohammad Zubair of choosing to praise Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

Rohan Gupta, the repeat offender

Earlier in 2017, Rohan Gupta published a bogus “poll” predicting the poll’s results, which showed Congress was set to sweep away the legislative elections that were underway in Gujarat at the time.

Parindu Bhagat, head of the Gujarat Electoral Legal Cell, on behalf of BJP leaders, had filed a complaint against Rohit Gupta, tweeting an exit poll for the Gujarat Assembly elections. This “exit poll” showed that Congress won over 65 seats out of a total of 89 constituencies in the first phase of elections in Gujarat. The BJP was chosen to get 22 seats while others were opposed to get 2 seats.

Rohan Gupta’s act of publishing an exit poll violated the Election Commission notice which prohibited the publication of exit polls until the end of the second phase of the ballot. Not to mention that the poll was completely false. Rohan Gupta had been booked for the same by the Criminal Branch on the instructions of the Election Commission, according to at the time of India. This case still seems to be pending.

It is relevant to note that the head of the IT cell Rohan Gupta is the son of the head of Congress Rajkumar Gupta.