Fatherhood seems to agree with Chasten Buttigieg if his Twitter jokes are any indication.

Educator, author and husband of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg – who became a father of twins earlier this month – made his Twitter fans laugh and moan in good spirits when he kicked off a daddy-joke collaboration with drag superstar RuPaul.

In a tweet tagging RuPaul, Buttigieg featured a kid-themed retool of his iconic song “(Supermodel) You Better Work” which was the kind of whine only a dad could find.

Buttigieg tweeted:

“Has @RuPaul considered a children’s album? Because ‘You Betta Burp!’ has been stuck in my head all. fucking. day. #DadBrain “

Buttigieg’s joke referred to the well-known chorus of the song in which RuPaul repeatedly tells us “you better WORK, cover girl, WORK, give a whirl” in the kind of voice that can only be described as bossy. .

Over the years since the song’s debut in 1992, “you better work” has also become one of RuPaul’s key catchphrases, used regularly on his TV show. RuPaul’s Drag Race.


If this may inspire countless drag queens to be their best, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why “You betta BURP” couldn’t inspire American babies to have “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and the talent “to find their gastrointestinal” reality “. law?

Chasten and Pete announced the birth of their twins, Penelope Rose and Joseph August on September 7. And although, of course, the Conservatives made a crisis about the two-to-be fathers, they were totally indifferent to the vitriolic.

In addition to his RuPaul-centric dad joke, Chasten shared several glimpses of his and Pete’s new life as a dad on social media.

The couple’s online fans absolutely loved it.

Chasten’s RuPaul joke was no exception.

Working with babies isn’t exactly a mark for RuPaul, but hey, as the baby-centric slogans say, “You better BURP!” is a bit of an earworm.

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