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Aaliyah’s posthumous album needs female

Image source: Getty/NY Daily News Archive The concept of a posthumous album has always seemed like an overkill to me — it’s beyond the conceptual and creative control of the artist. On the other hand, a body of posthumous works bridges the gap between nostalgic listening to older music and craving new music reminiscent of […]

Boy Harsher realized their new album was...

In 2017, Jae Matthews of dystopian pop duo Boy Harsher saw his world fall apart twice in the space of several months. The great upheaval began with the sudden death of her stepfather. This was followed by the news that her mother, with whom she had had a sometimes difficult relationship, had been diagnosed with […]

Texas’ cathartic new album Goodnight mak

By Bliss Bowen Contributing editor of the weekly Pasadena SGoodnight, Texas, a Francisco-based American quintet, was scheduled to open this weekend for Portland folk-rockers Fruition at the Lodge Room in Highland Park, a double-ended show that promised lively music and camaraderie. But on January 6, fans were touched by the reality of the COVID-19 era […]

Dawn FM by The Weekend

The weekend – Aube FM Di. 11.01.2022 Album der Woche: Dawn FM von The Weekend The Weekend hat am 07. Januar kurzfristig ein neues Album released. Er hatte es noch in der gleichen Woche zur Überraschung seiner Fans (und des Labels) angekündigt. “Dawn FM” ist eine 16-Track-starke LP, welche bereits jetzt als die beste Platte […]

How the Beach Boys’ Bruce Johnston ended

Look beyond the usual suspects credited as collaborators on Weeknd’s newly released “Dawn FM” – think Max Martin, think Calvin Harris, think Oneohtrix Point Never – and you’ll find a more unexpected name in the notes album cover art: Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys, who is listed as a writer and producer on the […]


In a new interview with Loudwire, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson reveals he plans to resume work on his upcoming 2005 album Tyranny Of Souls this spring. When asked if he had had the opportunity over the past two years to work with Roy Z and get solo material, Bruce replied, “When I come to […]

Album: Dope Lemon – Rose Rose Cadillac r

I think it would be fair to assume that Angus Stone likes the weird puff on a big fat joint. Certainly, the music of his alter ego Dope Lemon has been imbued with a hazy, hippie, and laid-back groove throughout his two previous albums, Honey bone and Smooth Fat Cat, and its latest version is […]

The Cat on Yo Gotti fending off album an...

Oakland News Now – The Cat on Yo Gotti pushing back the album and the comedian killed after the death of young Dolph (part 5) – video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the upper left corner of the video. is the original blog post for this type of video blog […]

Every track from Zak Bagans’ Necrofusion

What songs are on Zak Bagans NecroFusion album and where is the disc available for purchase? Paranormal Investigator Zak Bagans Best Known For Hosting The Ghost Hunting Reality Series Ghost adventures, which premiered in 2008 and has since racked up over 20 seasons. The show follows Bagans and his team as they travel to seemingly […]

My favorite local album-show combos: 202...

During the stop of COVID-19 tours, I particularly clung to new albums. As a result, once the shows resumed, seeing recent and upcoming releases unfold before my eyes was like a new kind of magic. Here are a handful of local album-concert chords that were particularly enchanting. Lucy dacus Album: “Home video” Show: Sept. 11 […]

Day One Hikes in State Parks 🌱TN + Leipe

Hello, people of Franklin! Sammi Caramela here with a new edition of the Franklin Daily. First of all, the weather forecast for the day: Cloudy and warm. High: 70 Low: 64. Here are the 3 best Franklin stories today: Tennessee State Parks invites all Tennessee residents to take advantage of Day One Guided Hikes in […]

A Christmas message from Nergal – Kerran

So as a group and as a person, yes, I am very happy, but I have reflected not only on three decades of Behemoth history, but also on the history of mankind. How things come back in cycles and how our freedoms are eroded and censored. I am not very optimistic at the moment. Generally […]

Marias Talk, Pedro Almodovar Influence a...

The bilingual beginnings of Marías, MOVIE THEATER, received a Grammy nomination last month for Best Engineering, Non-Classical Album – a rarity for an album that contains lyrics in Spanish. Nomination in this category goes to engineers and mastering engineers, not the recording artist. However, Josh Conway, one of the members of the Los Angeles-based indie […]

entrepreneur explains the ‘sexy’ feel to

Garrison Christmas Vol 2: The Sexy Edition is Contractor Music’s giveaway this year and everyone is asking the same question, why sexy? Well, it looks like for producer Sean ‘Contractor’ Edwards, gangsta and sexy are the two opposite ends of the same pole and this year, with his social conscience at the forefront, he’s gone […]

WWE Orginals music album review

Ask any wrestling fan what their favorite music in the wrestling world is, and they’ll likely list entry themes over the years (although some recent offerings have been pretty dire). They are less likely to list songs performed by the wrestlers themselves. While there are many professional wrestlers who have also had musical careers alongside […]

Destruction – new album ‘Diabolical’ + t

Share the post “Destruction unveils new album ‘Diabolical’ + title track” German thrash metal veterans Destruction celebrate their 40th anniversary by igniting the world with a hard-hitting new grenade in the form of their new album, “Diabolical”, released April 8, 2022 via Napalm Records! As one of the most legendary German thrash metal bands, Destruction […]

John Dwyer’s and Friends New Album “Gong

John Dwyer of Hosea has teamed up with a group of collaborators for a new album titled Gong Splat. Throughout the pandemic, Dwyer oversaw a series of collaborative instrumental albums with various collaborators. These albums include Witch Egg, Curved Arcana, Endless Waste, Moon Drenched, and today’s release, Gong Splat. This new record features Ryan Sawyer, […]

Milan Ring releases eclectic debut album...

Milan Ring is one of those musicians and songwriters that it’s really hard to pin down in any particular genre. On her debut album ‘I’m Feeling Hopeful’, released the other week, the Sydney-based artist uses R&B, soul and hip hop influences to weave songs that are sensual, fluid and modern at the same time. The […]

Grimes and McKee’s Christmas album – roc

Would it really be Christmas in Belfast if Grimes and McKee couldn’t take the stage and bring mirth and mirth to the festive audience? My first experience dates back to 2009 – To yell! performed in QUB’s Elmwood Hall during the Lyric’s renovation – but they’ve been starring at Christmas since 1998 and there are […]

An album on the theme of isolation more ...

Mike Haggith’s album “Bridges” was released on November 6, more than two years after he originally planned to release it. It was more than two years behind what was originally planned for its final release in early November, but Thompson musician and songwriter Mike Haggith says he thinks his album “Bridges” was released at the […]

Musician Lisa Morales wants new album to...

Lisa Morales is a storyteller. Music has been a part of her life since she was little, as she learned to play traditional Mexican music. Texas-based musician Lisa Morales will be giving two shows in New Mexico in support of her new album, “She Ought to Be King”. (Courtesy of Gabriella Howard) Her musical tastes […]

Arca’s four new Kick albums lose the lis

Alejandra Ghersi, alias ArcaPhoto: Unax LaFuente Concretely, Alejandra Ghersi worked on the last four chapters of her Cut series for 18 months, since the June 2020 release of Kick i. Corn CutThe highlight of ‘s seems to be in the works for several years: We kick iii and kick iii respectively, guests Shirley Manson and […]

Short Stack Announces New Album and Rele...

Short Stack released a double dose of news today, announcing the upcoming release of their fourth album, “Maybe There Is No Heaven,” and releasing a new single called “Love You Like I Used To ”. The new cut is, according to frontman Shaun Diviney, “a sad party hymn – almost like a hymn for breakups.” […]

Bob Marley Biopic to chronicle the makin...

Bob Marley’s biopic will focus on the creation of his iconic album Exodus in the 1970s. Film director Reinaldo Marcus Green, who is still riding the wave of success for his latest film, King Richard, has explained the direction the film will take. At first glance, the biopic will focus on Marley’s life after the […]

Australian TV host, who ‘missed’ Adele’s

" data-title="Australian TV host, who ‘missed’ Adele’s album ahead of interview, apologizes, Entertainment News" data-gallery="featured-gallery" data-toggle="lightbox">

Australian TV journalist Matt Doran, who has received criticism in recent days for not listening to Adele’s album before his scheduled interview with her in London, has now issued a long apology to Adele on air for to have “insulted” her. The interview, due to the major fiasco Doran had committed, was never broadcast. On […]

ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO sings and plays s...

Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon) is back with a new Star One album, titled Revel In Time. The new album arrives more than 10 years after the previous release and is slated for release on February 18 via InsideOutMusic. An update from Arjen, featuring a guest spot by Alessandro Del Vecchio, states: “Alessandro is featured in […]

Ohio rocker Marc Lee Shannon remembers M...

Marc Lee Shannon got out of his camping trailer and stood on the desert floor of Joshua Tree National Park while holding up his computer and rotating so he could glimpse the scenery in a recent interview. Morning sunlight illuminated the horizon as Shannon took in the natural beauty moments before a seven-mile hike in […]

Columbus Cliffs trio set to release new ...

Long ago, during a hot and sweaty recording session that now lasts like a feverish dream, Cliffs made his new album, DNA. Many memories remain of that day in June 2018 in Jeremy Ebert’s (aka Jerbil House) home studio, but nothing more than the oppressive heat that defined the sessions as singer / guitarist Aaron […]

Chlöe teases her debut album, having Bey

Oakland News Now – Chlöe teases her debut album, having Beyoncé in her corner and more | AMA 2021 – video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the upper left corner of the video. is the original blog post for this type of video blog content. Chlöe chatted with Billboard on […]

Jerry Cantrell talks about new solo albu...

“Demonstrating and collecting ideas is like money in the bank,” says Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell of songs from his new solo album, Enlighten, released October 29. “There are all kinds of great ideas that never get used or taken care of, or that don’t match the time or recording you’re working on. And […]

Alejandro Escovedo’s Album Review: La Cr

Recorded in Italy with local donors Don Antonio, 2018 The passage Bridges to the Immigrant Soul from the 2002 audio piece by Alejandro Escovedo By the hand of the father. From folklore to punk, classic rock, idealistic and disillusioned, “The passage proves another way forward for our man Johnny Thunders, Joey Ramone and Neal Cassady, […]

IDLES: Album review on tracks | fork

Whether you thought about the 2020 Idles album Ultra mono to be a voice of righteous rage and reason in the era of Trump and Brexit, or just more haughty and busy hashtag activism for people who smugly share Occupy Democrats memes on Facebook, there’s one thing we can all agree on: her album cover […]

Joss Stone reveals his baby girl Violet ...

Joss Stone spoke candidly about how motherhood inspired her new album during an appearance on Monday’s This Morning. The singer, 34, welcomed her daughter Violet with partner Cody DaLuz in January and revealed how her firstborn influenced the writing process for her first album in six years – Never Forget My Love. Joss said: “There […]

Album review: Thoughtcrimes – Tap Night

Dylan hicks November 10, 2021 – 9:00 a.m. Six songs ranging from metalcore to slower rock In 2019, the music industry saw many songs released from a wide range of genres. Metal has had no shortage of big-name releases in 2019, with several popular artists such as Dream Theater, Darkthrone, Tool, and Korn all releasing […]

Gary Holt reveals new Exodus album inclu...

Old Killer and current Exodus guitarist Gary Holt once again paid tribute to the late Van halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen and revealed that the group’s upcoming studio album, Persona Non Grata, includes a Eddie Van Halen detail. Currently rocking the scene with his group Exodus, Gary Holt was a member of the thrash metal […]

Tori Amos on her new introspective album...

Throughout its emblematic catalog, Tori Amos has often drawn inspiration from travel, whether it be his frequent trips to Florida or other trips to America and the rest of the world. But like everyone else, the past two years have seen the inimitable artist stay in one place. For her, it was the wilderness of […]

aya: im hole Album review

An aya DJ set can be both exciting and disorienting, a dizzying maelstrom of jungle breaks, Dutch techno, British funky, South African gqom and who knows what else, plus editions of Charli XCX and “Call Me Maybe”, for good measure. Synthesized voices offer bite-sized philosophical observations (“Google Street View allowed us to shrink geography,” a […]

Lou Reed & Metallica: Lulu’s Album Revie

The arguments about this fiercely selfish project began as the news escaped like bad gas from the New York City manholes. The arguments will only heat up now that everyone can finally hear it. Great rock art is always transgressive, of course. How many Lou Reed and Metallica fans will see this as a simple […]

Reverse Light Years by Even review – una

IIt is a truism of the album-driven era of popular music that large double albums are rare. In Australian indie rock – at least since the decline of compact disc market dominance and the revival of vinyl among collectors – they have become almost non-existent. Thus, Ashley Naylor, leader of the pillars of Melbourne Even […]

Robby Steinhardt’s solo album “Not in Ka

NEW | CHARACTERISTICS | OVERVIEW | EVENTS originally published: 10/25/2021 You know Robby steinhardt as the legendary violinist, singer and frontman of the band KANSAS, recording 9 albums which reached gold, platinum and double platinum status, and now making another mark in the world with his first and only solo album. Robby Steinhardt and Solar […]

Ed Sheeran tested positive for COVID fiv...

Ed sheeran is a 30-year-old singer-songwriter from Halifax, UK best known for his hits like “Shape of You” and “Perfect”. After getting engaged in 2018, Sheeran announced that he was taking a hiatus from music after marrying his wife, Cherry Seaborn, in 2019. The couple welcomed a daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, in August 2020. […]

Interview with Caetano Veloso: how the a...

To the rhythm of the percussions of Márcio Vitor and the arrangements of Thiago Amud, names like Luana and Janaína inspired the title track of the album. “It starts with Simone Raimunda from Bahia, a very young and beautiful model I met in the 60s who now lives in Paris and whose artistic name Luana […]

OPINION: Coldplay album has little succe...

Seven-time Grammy-winning group Coldplay released their ninth studio album “Music of the Spheres” on October 15. This 12-track set explores a theme of space and time with a mix of short interludes, catchy songs and mournful ballads. While there are a few captivating songs on “Music of the Spheres,” Coldplay’s new album was disappointing overall. […]

New this week: ‘Dune’, ‘Invasion’ and an

This combination of images shows promotional art for the series “Invasion”, which airs Friday, October 22 on Apple TV +, at left, the movie “Dune”, which airs Friday, October 22 on HBO Max, center, and the series “Insecure,” premiering its fifth and final season Sunday, October 24 on HBO Max. (Apple TV + / HBO […]

“This record was bigger than heavy metal

Alice in Chains singer / guitarist Jerry cantrell sent words of praise for Metallica, the group’s eponymous fifth studio album, The black album, and the rhythm guitarist and lead singer of the group James hetfield. Metallica is a Heavy metal group formed in Los Angeles in 1981. Throughout their career in the community, Metallica released […]

Khan Morbee deepens his new album [liste...

The frontman of the Parlotones, Khan Morbee, is an exceptional musician who has contributed enormously to the success of the rock genre in South Africa. Morbee has released their third solo album, A suicidal world on September 23 and explained that the album was scheduled for release last year, but with some free time due […]

DEVOID First clip of “Man Without Fear”;

Frontiers Music Srl has released the second album by French melodic metal band Devoid, Lonely Eye Movement. Watch a video of the song “Man Without Fear” below and order / register the Lonely Eye Movement album here. Devoid’s second album in total, Lonely Eye Movement is a huge step forward for the band and the […]

Adele Release Date 30. Says “get my feel

Based on the artists’ description of her process and Adele’s 30 release date, this album isn’t what she expected, but along. the lines of what one would expect. A journey through emotions. The most anticipated album of the decade, that of Adele 30, officially released on November 19. The Grammy-winning singer announced via her Instagram […]

Metallica’s “The Metallica Blacklist” #

According to Billboard, METALLIC‘s “The Metallica Blacklist”, a massive collection of 53 songs featuring covers of every track from the band’s eponymous album, sold 8,000 copies in the United States in the week ending October 7 to rank 7th on BillboardTop selling albums. Of this amount, 6,300 copies were CDs while nearly 1,400 copies were […]

Album review | Playing on our musical h...

“It was made for that time,” says Siya Mthembu, singer of The Brother Moves On. He discusses the track You think you know me, released in mid-July, as trucks and shopping malls burned down in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. The album from which the song is taken, Tolika Mtoliki (Interpreter, interpreter), arrives October 25 – but […]

Performing the self-titled debut album l...

Watch and listen to live performances of 13 songs from the late 1971 LP by the late singer-songwriter. By Nate Todd 10 October 2021 • 7:35 a.m. PDT John Prine was born on this date in 1946 in Maywood, Illinois near Chicago. Beloved singer-songwriter sadly passed away on April 7, 2020 due to complications from […]

Activa releases her first artist album i...

Arrived a decade after his last LP (2011’s’ To The Point ‘),’ Origins’ – is the third album by British artist Rob ‘Activa‘Stevenson. At first glance, the origin story of “origins” is relatively straightforward. “Its main theme, says Activa is to re-represent the music I grew up with. Throughout the production of Origins, I always […]

The Doobie Brothers Celebrate New Album,...

The Doobie Brothers performed without Michael McDonald during their August 31 show at the Minnesota State Fair. From left to right: Patrick Simmons, Tom Johnston and John McFee. Jon Bream, Minneapolis Star Tribune George Varga San Diego Union-Tribune The Doobie Brothers are still on the freeway after 51 years, despite four of the group members […]

10 concept albums that will challenge yo...

Not content with their role as intrepid sonic polymaths, Melbourne, Australians Twelve Foot Ninja have been inventive to reach hitherto unknown levels of creative mania as they prepare to release their third album, Revenge. Kicking off the three-part Vengeance Project, they’re set to release a high-level comic book, video game, and fantasy novel to boot. […]

Upcoming Korn Book Tells The Story Behin...

Other than the autobiographies of some members, there aren’t many books written about the Korn Group – until now. Korn: Every album, every song coming soon to bookstores. Written by Matt Karpe, the book explores Korn’s catalog of songs, starting with their 1993 demo The spirit of Neidermayer through their most recent version, 2019’s Nothingness. […]

“Stories”, Avicii’s second album celebra

“Stories”, Avicii’s second album celebrates its sixth anniversary After the tremendous success of his first album ‘True,’ Avicii fans were eagerly awaiting his second project which would ultimately cement the Swedish the name of the legend in the music history book. After two years to wait and tease new music at festivals like Ultra in […]

Neil Young releases ‘Carnegie Hall 1970’

Shaky Pictures Records / Reprise Records Today, Neil young released their latest archive live album, Carnegie Room 1970, which marks the launch of its new Neil Young’s Official Bootleg Series. The album was recorded on December 4, 1970, during Young’s first ever concert in the Historic New York Hall. The Neil Young Official Bootleg Series […]

Angels & Airwaves’ Ilan Rubin talks abou

Angels and waves. Photo credit: Jonathan Weiner Ilan Rubin of Angels & Airwaves chatted with Markos Papadatos of Digital Journal about their new album “LIFEFORMS” and about being an artist in the digital age. Regarding the song selection approach for the new album, he said: “There were only a few songs that were not selected […]


Album cover The Big Reset Shuja Rabbani, EDM producer The cover of the album The big reset Afghan music producer Shuja Rabbani is teaming up with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ian Urbina to collaborate on the Noam Chomsky Music Project. Afghanistan and the United States may have been at war for 20 years, but it is […]

Everything we know about Nicki Minaj’s n

Nicki Minaj’s season has arrived? Three and more years have passed since the multi-platinum rapper blessed her fans with a full project of new material. Last May saw the re-release of his revolutionary mixtape from 2009, Beam Me Up Scotty, which featured three new tracks, including “Seeing Green” by YMCMB Holy Trinity, Drake and their […]

BT’s Metaversal album is a blockchain au

Trance pioneer BT has released their 14th studio album, Metaversal, which follows in kind with his Genesis.Json album – meaning the album is built around 200,000 lines of code as an NFT one-of-one. The Genesis.Json The album turned out to be a success, selling for 88.8 ETH, or £ 187,000, on Superrare in May of […]

GUY MANN-DUDE’s Mannic Distortion album

Heaven And Hell Records has announced the addition of guitar shredder Guy Mann-Dude to their ever-growing roster. Guy Mann-Dude (Guy Shiffman) is an American-born musician who was best known in the late 1980s and early 1990s after his eponymous band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988. Musician rebirth, Shiffman started out as a drummer. […]

ENHYPEN members star in solo concept mov...

After going through a difficult phase with almost the entire group infected with Covid 19, it is nice to see the members of ENHYPEN working on the release of their first full album ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA’. The members of ENHYPEN will release their debut full length album ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA’ on October 12 KST. After revealing a […]

Yes stay in his comfort zone on ‘The Que

English progressive rock band Yes has been around for over 50 years. They were one of the first progressive rock groups to break into the mainstream and remain extremely influential in the genre. On the other hand, in those 50 years, there hasn’t been a lot of evolution. The questYesInsideOutMusic, October 16/10 While Yes set […]

Andy Shauf: Savages | Album review

As fate willed it, Andy Shauf wrote his album on the pandemic in 2018. Let me explain: artists from top to bottom around the world have taken shelter, stuck in the release of isolation of 2020, watching an audience buying all they could. be sent to them the next day by Amazon. Shauf, whose critically […]

‘Tom Tom Club’ – The Round Table

This week, I chose to review one of my all-time favorite albums: Tom tom club by Tom Tom Club. This self-titled album marked the 1981 debut of the Tom Tom Club as their own band, as they were originally founded as a side project of the Talking Heads. Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz and his […]

BT Releases Programmatic Encryption and ...

BT Provided by Publicist / Justin Kleinfeld Bampire BT will release this Wednesday its 14th album entitled Metaversal and it does it a little differently than traditional DSP deployment. This album is designed for the blockchain around a 200,000 line of code, NFT one-of-one. Metaversal is both an audiovisual playback engine and software encryption. This […]

Lubbock Music NOW 2021 album to be relea...

LUBBOCK, Texas (press release) – From Buddy Holly and Mac Davis to Josh Abbott and Pat Green, many nationally recognized musicians have made their Lubbock debuts. The tradition continues with the Lubbock Music NOW 2021 album. Twenty-one local artists and songwriters are featured on the 6th annual album. The album’s release coincides with October 1, […]

Saraflo Ministries launches its first al...

Gospel musicians Saraphine Afari and Florence Afari Gospel musicians Saraphine Afari and Florence Afari have released their debut album titled ‘Tumi Wura’. The event, which took place at the Pentecostal Church in Accra on Sunday, was part of their ministry’s vision to preach to everyone and to the far part of the earth. Speaking exclusively […]

Chasten Buttigieg Presents RuPaul On Kid...

Fatherhood seems to agree with Chasten Buttigieg if his Twitter jokes are any indication. Educator, author and husband of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg – who became a father of twins earlier this month – made his Twitter fans laugh and moan in good spirits when he kicked off a daddy-joke collaboration with drag superstar RuPaul. […]

Metallica Surprise Festival Crowd + Play...

The 30th anniversary celebration for Metallica’s eponymous “black” album continued on Sunday evening as the band surprised fans by revisiting the 1991 classic in reverse order during their festival closing concert in Louder. Than Life. Although Metallica promised special settings for the festival, the plan to revisit the Black album was not revealed in a […]

How the post-britpop era influenced Sain...

Since 1990, Saint Etienne has been the quintessence of cool art-school-indie. To paraphrase a rather tired social media meme, you think you’re cool, but you’ll never be cool “Saint Etienne in an Indian restaurant chatting with Alan McGee”. Everything about the band has been put together with painstaking detail. From album covers to covers, from […]