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Album review: Thoughtcrimes – Tap Night

Dylan hicks November 10, 2021 – 9:00 a.m. Six songs ranging from metalcore to slower rock In 2019, the music industry saw many songs released from a wide range of genres. Metal has had no shortage of big-name releases in 2019, with several popular artists such as Dream Theater, Darkthrone, Tool, and Korn all releasing […]

Gary Holt reveals new Exodus album inclu...

Old Killer and current Exodus guitarist Gary Holt once again paid tribute to the late Van halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen and revealed that the group’s upcoming studio album, Persona Non Grata, includes a Eddie Van Halen detail. Currently rocking the scene with his group Exodus, Gary Holt was a member of the thrash metal […]

Tori Amos on her new introspective album...

Throughout its emblematic catalog, Tori Amos has often drawn inspiration from travel, whether it be his frequent trips to Florida or other trips to America and the rest of the world. But like everyone else, the past two years have seen the inimitable artist stay in one place. For her, it was the wilderness of […]

aya: im hole Album review

An aya DJ set can be both exciting and disorienting, a dizzying maelstrom of jungle breaks, Dutch techno, British funky, South African gqom and who knows what else, plus editions of Charli XCX and “Call Me Maybe”, for good measure. Synthesized voices offer bite-sized philosophical observations (“Google Street View allowed us to shrink geography,” a […]

Lou Reed & Metallica: Lulu’s Album Revie

The arguments about this fiercely selfish project began as the news escaped like bad gas from the New York City manholes. The arguments will only heat up now that everyone can finally hear it. Great rock art is always transgressive, of course. How many Lou Reed and Metallica fans will see this as a simple […]

Reverse Light Years by Even review – una

IIt is a truism of the album-driven era of popular music that large double albums are rare. In Australian indie rock – at least since the decline of compact disc market dominance and the revival of vinyl among collectors – they have become almost non-existent. Thus, Ashley Naylor, leader of the pillars of Melbourne Even […]

Robby Steinhardt’s solo album “Not in Ka

NEW | CHARACTERISTICS | OVERVIEW | EVENTS originally published: 10/25/2021 You know Robby steinhardt as the legendary violinist, singer and frontman of the band KANSAS, recording 9 albums which reached gold, platinum and double platinum status, and now making another mark in the world with his first and only solo album. Robby Steinhardt and Solar […]