Trance pioneer BT has released their 14th studio album, Metaversal, which follows in kind with his Genesis.Json album – meaning the album is built around 200,000 lines of code as an NFT one-of-one.

The Genesis.Json The album turned out to be a success, selling for 88.8 ETH, or £ 187,000, on Superrare in May of this year. BT turns to the crypto space again with the release of Metaversal, which is described not only as an album, but as an audiovisual playback engine and encryption software.

The album’s packages come in three levels, available to 11 buyers only, the top level including the rights to the 200,000 lines of code in the Metaversal engine. Buyers also have the opportunity to earn 33 unique, encrypted NFTs by solving cryptographic puzzles woven into the audio-responsive art displayed in the album’s Metaversal engine.

Although the album is not available to stream, buyers will be able to access the album through a decentralized blockchain-based application.

Credit: BT

The album appears to be a one-time use of digital space, as the Metaversal engine will play the album differently in three modes: day, night, and during a full moon. This unique feature also helped explain why the album is not available on “traditional” streaming platforms.

The album also comes with one of 11 hand 3D printed art sculptures, which were created using the real audio wavelengths of each of the Metaversal tracks. The sculptures are also encrusted with NFT tags, which means that those who purchase the album will own the NFT equivalent of their sculptures.

BT described the album as the culmination of his fascination with hidden messages in music, saying: “From Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to Bach and Shostakovich – the idea of ​​subtext and musical encryption has had deep meaning and, turns out, for my fans too. . Since my first album, I am, I have hidden and encoded messages throughout my work, some found and others still not found.

Metaversal represents the first time BT has actively gamified the process, with hidden Easter eggs and puzzles for the small group of people able to purchase the album.

The album will be sold on September 29 in a tiered auction on the Origin Protocol NFT Launchpad, with 11 slots open to the public. Buyers will also receive a bespoke double vinyl box set, hand numbered in gold leaf.