BT will release this Wednesday its 14th album entitled Metaversal and it does it a little differently than traditional DSP deployment. This album is designed for the blockchain around a 200,000 line of code, NFT one-of-one. Metaversal is both an audiovisual playback engine and software encryption.

This is a programmatic album that follows the lunar cycle and plays the album differently in three modes: day, night and during a full moon. The album features 11 hand-printed 3D art sculptures made from the waveforms of each song.

BT Metaversal Sculptures

BT Metaversal Sculptures

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Each sculpture contains an integrated NFC tag developed by Suku that links the physical object to its living digital chain equivalent. In addition, there are custom made, handmade, double vinyl boxes, all hand numbered in gold leaf.

Unlocking the Encryption Puzzles will allow fans to get 33 unique and encrypted NFTs.

Metaversal is published as a tiered auction on the Origin Protocol NFT Launchpad on September 29, 2021 – with 11 vacancies – but anyone who wants to participate in the resolution of Metaversal, are able to do so.

Learn more about Metaversal on the site for that here.