Conditions, both underfoot and above, made the players difficult, but Bosham settled better from the start with a relatively young blues team who found life difficult at first. Jamie Liddell, the Blues’ most seasonal player, looked good and in just the second minute was able to get on goal and get around Harley Redman. With the net beckoning the ball, Nick Edgington somehow slipped across the wet surface to deflect the ball to safety and keep the game goalless.

Photographer Chris Hatton was at the game – a selection of his photos is below.

Conor Crabb then tried his luck, from a distance, for the Reds but goaltender Zac Rice was more than up to the task but, within 15 minutes, he couldn’t do anything to prevent Bosham to take the lead. Kieran Hartley picked up the ball about thirty-five yards and, catching Rice slightly out of his line, threw the perfect lob into the back of the net to put the Robins, rightly, in front.

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Bosham had to maintain his positive attitude and with the electric Alex Barnes a constant threat, the possibility of more goals always seemed possible. However, the Reds seemed to have forgotten about Liddell’s danger to the visitors and, at the half hour mark, were making the Reds pay for their lack of finishing to even the Blues. Having found the ball at his feet, just outside the Reds’ penalty area, he had too much time to pick his spot, which he expertly did after Harley Redman’s desperate plunge. with the aim of Bosham.

Bosham was happy with things at the break but needed more and certainly got it just minutes after the restart. With the supporters huddled under the awning of the clubhouse and the Robins attacking this piece of land. Will Lintott produced a moment of magic to put the reds back in front. With the ball wide to the left side, Lintott snuck inside a defender and unleashed a perfect curler as you might want in the far corner, leaving Rice rooted in place.

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Bosham’s weaknesses at the back had to be strong if they were to achieve an important victory, but with the weather still not improving and conditions becoming increasingly difficult, Charlwood saw an opportunity to bite and bite. what they did with venom.

First, Connor Colcutt was in the right place at the right time to complete a quick counterattack to shoot low in the lower corner to attract the blues level, then, with time running out, Liddell was again at living up to his old stuff, weaving in and through defenders before pushing the ball, with just enough over it, to the back of the net to put the blues in front for the first time in the game.

Bosham looked shocked and went out of his way to try and get something out of the game, but despite late efforts from Toby Alford and Louis Bell, time passed and a third rebound loss now leaves the Reds in a disturbing position in the table. Next week Rottingdean will make the trip to the track and with a good wind Bosham can surely come back to victory which they surely have to do.

Bosham: Harley Redman, Conor Crabb, Nick Edgington, Harry Spicer, Ilya Donets, James Wilson, Pat Bulbeck, Alex Barnes, Will Lintott, Louis Bell and Kieran Hartley. SUBSCRIBERS: Lewis Rustell, Toby Alford, Drew Moore and Jordan Jarvis.