Bob Marley’s biopic will focus on the creation of his iconic album Exodus in the 1970s.

Film director Reinaldo Marcus Green, who is still riding the wave of success for his latest film, King Richard, has explained the direction the film will take. At first glance, the biopic will focus on Marley’s life after the 1976 assassination attempt at his base at 56 Hope Road in St Andrew. Following this shoot, Bob Marley flew to London to get away from politics, and there he also premiered one of his critically acclaimed albums. Exodus.

This shooting took place on December 3, 1976 and bullets grazed Marley’s chest and his arm was hit. His wife Rita and manager Don Taylor were also injured in the attack. Seven heavily armed men made the summons attempt.

The making of the album will also feature in the film. Exodus was the iconic reggae star’s ninth studio album and was first released in June 1977 on Island Records. According to Green, this period in Marley’s life would be the perfect window to look into the life of the legend. He added that he felt this because it was “at a time when the artist is compelled to reflect on his roots and the international scope of his message of love to humanity.”

The album spawned many hits that have gained worldwide recognition, such as “Natural Mystic”, “Jamming”, “Waiting in Vain”, “Turn Your Lights Down Low”, “Three Little Birds” and “One Love / People. Get Ready. “

It’s no wonder the album was chosen as the focal point, given the success it enjoyed after release and long after it was released. According to Time magazine, in 1999 it was named best album of the 20th century. The track “One Love” was named by the BBC as the song of the millennium.

Green won’t be working alone and enlisted some quality help from Zach Baylin, who is helping with the script. Baylin also worked on King Richard. Ziggy Marley remains committed to the project and has taken on production duties, and he is also monitoring the project closely to ensure his father’s legacy is well represented.

No leads have been chosen yet and Green said they are still very open until they find the right fit. One of Bob Marley’s sons, Ky-Mani Marley, recently raised his hand for the role. There has also been speculation that her grandson Skip might be ideal for the role.

According to Green, it’s opening season right now, and anything is possible.

“We don’t have any casting, so yeah, absolutely,” Green told Collider. “I am open to finding, to discovering someone completely new, who could be a member of the family. I am open to anything at the moment. The best actor for the role.

The Marley name continues to be a strong brand that her children are dedicated to protecting and honoring. One of their latest successes comes from the Rise Up: The Bob Marley Musical, launched last month at the Lyric Theater in London’s West End.

Some fans will also have the opportunity to learn more about his life through an exhibition called The Bob Marley One Love Experience next year at the Saatchi Gallery in London for a limited time.

Her life continues to inspire people around the world. A recent study by Money estimated that his earnings would be around US $ 1,667,878 in 2021-2022 on some popular platforms, namely Youtube, Instagram and Spotify if he was still alive today.

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