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Welcome to Chapter 10 of our Bayonetta 3 walkthrough and this time we’re off to Paris, where plenty of collectibles, puzzles, and great battles await. So grab a croissant and let’s go.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 – Night Cover Walkthrough – All Collectibles


Step on 10 of the fallen glass shards on Thule – Stand on ten pieces of colored glass strewn across the floor at the start of the chapter.

Climb to the top of the Stone Tower on Thule – Go to the highest point of the tower in the first area of ​​the chapter.

Cross Ginnungagap without falling – The Chaotic Rift section of this chapter has very shaky terrain, make sure you don’t fall as you make your way to the exit.

Avoid being hit by Strider in his special field – Avoid taking damage from Strider during the battle against him when he switches the fight to another realm for Shirt Bursts. When this happens, simply dodge and wait for your surroundings to return to normal.

Defeat 3 Small Golems – These golems can be found in Treasure Chest #3as described below.

We start off Chapter 10 with a huge tower looming in the distance, and as we move forward here, keep an eye out for the colored glass shards on the floor, because stepping on ten will earn you a bewitchment.

Before heading to the tower, let’s first turn to the right where you’ll find a moving platform that reveals a lot more as it goes up and up. There is a key for one Summon Barrier here, so grab it and keep going up.

Box of Figures #1

When you reach the top of the moving platforms, you’ll spot this box waiting right next to the top.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 - Night Cover Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo

Verse 1

At the top you’ll reach Verse #1 and it’s a battle challenge that will earn you a Broken Moon Pearl.

Treasure Chest #1

Directly across from the Verse #1 portal, you’ll find this chest full of goodies.

Memory Echoes #1

Right next to the treasure chest there is a tower in which we can make our way. Take the hidden platform up here to find an Echoes of Memory.

Treasure Chest #2

Now take the bridge at the top of the tower here and go behind the small turret building in front of you to find a summoning barrier. Use the key we found to open it and you’ll find a chest with a piece of broken heart on the inside.

Treasure Chest #3

Turn around now and go back to the bridge and look to your right to see another chest. This will reveal a timed trial where you have to grab all the coins.

Verse #2

This one is just below the bridge you crossed to get to the Summon Barrier.

Umbra Raven

Our crow for this chapter is just to the left and bottom of Treasure Chest #3 on a small rocky outcrop.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 - Night Cover Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo

Memory Echoes #2

And, as you chase the crow, you’ll find this next collectible in its flight path.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 - Night Cover Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo

Deck of cards #1

Continue straight from where you took the Echoes of memory and you will find that deck of cards sitting on a ledge.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 - Night Cover Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo

Now that we’ve cleared this first area, we can follow the light calling you up and go around a few steps to the next section of this level. Knock on the magic time door here to continue.

Verse #3

As soon as we enter this new area, we will launch Verse 3 and there is a treasure chest here to give you a useful magic source for the short battle.

Once the battle is over, we go through a portal to the Chaotic Rift.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 - Night Cover Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo

Verse #4

Head into the rift and you’ll soon come to verse #4.

Verse #5

And without even a pause, we’re right in verse #5 against a huge, but rather easy foe.

Now we have a section where you will want to avoid falling if you wish to win the 3rd bewitchment for this chapter. We found that staying in the middle and running was the most effective method as the ground crumbles under you.

Once this section is done, we’ll go for a cutscene, then it’s a trip to Paris for Viola. Hopefully we can stop by for some delicious pastries.

Verse #6

This one sits just to the right of the main street as things heat up in Paris.

Umbrian cat

Just after Verse #6you will see this cat sitting on top of a subway entrance on your right, just in front of Treasure chest #2.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 - Night Cover Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo

Treasure Chest #4

This one will reveal moving platforms above the street. Use these to reach a second chest which then initiates a time-trial puzzle for a piece of broken heart.

Memory Echoes #3

A little further up the left side of the main Parisian street, you’ll find this collectible in a metro stairwell.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 - Night Cover Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo

Verse #7

Now take the side street off the main strip to the left and you’ll come to the portal for the Verse Battle Challenge #7. This one nets you a piece of broken heart.

Umbran Toad

Once you’re done with Verse #7, head to the small courtyard right next to you and you’ll hear the telltale croak of an Umbran Toad. He hides behind a cracked garage shutter in the right corner as you enter this area.

Treasure Chest #5

In the same yard as the frog, smash this chest to do battle with the three little golems needed to win the fifth bewitchment for this chapter.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10 - Night Cover Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo

Verse #8

We can now head back to the main strip and to the main arch here, where we’ll have a cutscene before a battle with Strider. Remember to avoid getting hit when he switches realms here to gain another one bewitchment.

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