No matter how much Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma loves the acting world, one thing she is sure of is that she does not want her daughter, Vamika Sharma Kohli to be part of the media circle. In fact, on numerous occasions, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli had asked the media and paparazzi not to publish photos of their daughter, Vamika, for privacy reasons.

In January 2022, the first photos of Vamika went viral when she went to the stadium with her mother, Anushka, to see her dad, Virat’s game. After that, the doting parents again claimed that their stance on not clicking on their daughter’s photos remains the same. The duo had also expressed their concern and had asked not to publish photos of their daughter in the media.

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On October 4, 2022, Anushka and Virat were spotted at the airport with their daughter, Vamika. A video made the rounds, in which Anushka was seen getting angry at a paparazzo thinking he was clicking on her daughter, Vamika’s photo. Anushka waved her hand and asked him what he was doing. To which, the paparazzo said, “Baby ka nahin le rahein hai.” Check it out:

Well this time, Anushka got trolled because internet users didn’t like her attitude. While some dragged her around and called her ‘ghamandi’, others denounced her for her bad attitude. One of the users also said she had a bad attitude.

Earlier, in July 2022, Anushka called out a media organization for clicking and circulating Vamika’s photo for some likes. Anushka immediately took to the comments section and schooled them. She called the media and asked them to learn from others. Check out the screenshot of the same:

What do you think of Anushka’s behavior?

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