Overwhelming evidence released last week by the House committee investigating the January 6 insurgency on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump has revealed why Trump fought so hard in court to hide the truth about the most shameful chapter of his presidency. Public.

Before ending cooperation with the panel, Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, provided him with text messages proving that the president’s inner circle was fully aware of the scale of the ongoing attack. Even those who have since attempted to whitewash and downplay the severity of the attack have expressed shock and disgust as it occurs.

“He needs to condemn this shit ASAP.” The Capitol Police tweet is not enough, ”Trump’s son Donald Jr. sent to Meadows during the attack. He later added, “We need an Oval Office address. He has to lead now. It went too far and got out of hand. Trump Jr. has since argued that his father “did not instigate anything” and dismissed the investigation into the attack as “yet another fictitious political witch hunt.”

AT FOX NEWS, Trump cheerleaders such as Laura Ingraham (“It hurts us all. He’s destroying his legacy.”) And Brian Kilmeade (“Please put him on TV. Destroy everything you do. accomplished. “) the attack was occurring. The network has since presented an Orwellian review of what happened that day, most notably in Tucker Carlson’s “Patriot Purge,” the product of a deep pro-Trump psychosis that insists against all evidence that the insurgents have been duped and sharpened by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. to attack the Capitol.

But perhaps the most disturbing message of all came in an email Meadows sent the day before the attack. Amid widespread reports that those on their way to Trump’s White House rally were preparing to march on the Capitol, Meadows assured an anonymous recipient that if things got violent, the National Guard would be ready to “protect the pro Trump ”.

DOES THIS REALLY SHOCK SOMEONE? Such flippant and nonchalant threats to slaughter his political opponents are exactly the sort of thing to be expected from a leader who has expressed open admiration, if not jealousy, of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. , two bloodthirsty tyrants who use murder to maintain their grip on power. . Trump himself in August 2016 thought “the Second Amendment people” might have to assassinate Hillary Clinton if she defeats him in this fall’s election. Rising GOP star Rep. Madison Cawthorn, RN.C., perpetuating Trump’s lies about election theft, threatened in September that “if our electoral systems continue to be rigged and continue to be robbed, then it’ll lead to one place, and it’s a bloodbath.

David Frum, a former Republican speechwriter for President George W. Bush, warned in a July article written for The Atlantic: “What the United States didn’t have until 2020 was a big national movement ready. to justify the violence of the crowd to claim political power. Now it is.

Nothing the January 6 investigators do can change that. No warning from our elected leaders can be urgent enough, and no newspaper editorial can be persuasive enough to break this fever. At some point, grassroots Republican voters will have to take a long, hard look in the mirror and wonder why they allowed such a sinister, black-hearted evil to permeate their party and sweep the country.

The Times-Herald, Washington

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