They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, Sentinel photographer Shmuel Thaler’s irresistible photo of handcrafted Ukrainian Easter eggs on the front page of Friday’s newspaper did much better than that.

It has helped artists in Santa Cruz Resist and Respond together to raise at least $4,500 in donations for World Central Kitchen, which will use the money to feed Ukrainians fleeing the war.
ARRT members dyed and decorated the colored eggs using a traditional method of wax resist known as pysanka, and sold them Friday night at Curated by the Sea, a gallery on Front Street in downtown city ​​of Santa Cruz.

Thank you Shmuel Thaler! Thank you Sentinel! Thank you to the generous members of our Santa Cruz community who waited in line for up to 45 minutes to donate and choose an egg!

—Myra Eastman, Sara Friedlander, Karen Gallant,
Madaline Tomlinson and
Melissa West on behalf of the ARRT

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