Amazon and Bethesda gave us our first image of the live-action To fall Upcoming TV series on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video and Kilter Media social media shared the franchise’s 25th anniversary image, which shows a few residents of Vault 33 as someone exits – or possibly enters – the vault. Who this character could be is a mystery, but judging by the body hidden just behind the railing on the left in this first image, it looks like Amazon Prime Video To fall The TV series will kick things off with an exciting start.

While there’s not much to chew on with a single image, it’s a glimpse into the post-apocalyptic world of Bethesda that fans have been waiting for years. You can see what it will be like to leave the Live Vault below.

little about the To fall the plot of the series has been shared so far, but we know that Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight, predators) is featured, and he could play a ghoul. We also know that WestworldJonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of ‘s are overseeing the show with their production company, Kilter Films. They work hand in hand with Bethesda, owner of the To fall game franchise. The To fall the show’s showrunners are Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner.

The series is without a release window, but with production underway, hope to see Vault 33 hit our TV screens by the end of next year.