Many Spanish and Latin singers are feeling the decline of the pandemic, a positive time to bring new news to their fans. The latest to rock the scene was Amaia Romero, who uploaded her new album cover to her social media profiles, along with plenty of details about it.

Too much time has passed since her first album “Pero no pasa nada” (2019), with which she positioned herself as number one in sales and reproductions in Spain. She is another factory pearl of the “Operación Triunfo” program, who also represented her country at Eurovision 2018 with “Tu canción”.

After such a long wait, her fans received the announcement with euphoria. “These are the cover and the back cover of my new album ‘Cuando no sé quien soy’, she published. As in its first release, the Universal Music Spain label is once again the one betting on the young talent from Navarre.

On its cover, Amaia appears with a steady gaze and a serious face, holding a heart-shaped pendant in her right hand, which houses a black-and-white photo of herself inside. Her Instagram post, full of emojis, served to reveal the final details of the album. Previously, she had already dropped some clues.

Among the 10 songs included in the album, there is one that particularly attracts attention. It’s her long-awaited collaboration with Aitana, with whom she shared the stage in this anthological edition of “Operación Triunfo”. This moment propelled them both to success as solo performers.

Indeed, Aitana also helped promote her dear colleague’s album on her social networks. Since their successful joint performance on television, seen by almost 4 million viewers, they had not starred in any professional collaboration. The track in which they merge their voices again is called “La canción que no quiero cantarte”.

Until now, Amaia Romero had already unveiled excerpts from the album, such as “Yo invito”, “Quiero pero no” or “Yamaguchi”. In addition to her own compositions, she dared to include a version of the mythical group Los Planetas on her album: “Santos que yo te pinté”. Besides Aitana, Rojuu is also another of the collaborating artists.

A post parachuted from an airplane accompanied his latest advance. With a brief clip of a few seconds, in the purest Rosalía style, she exclaimed: “vibrate high. Things happen next week.”

For the moment we do not know the exact release date of the album, but everything indicates that it will be imminent. Alizzz was in charge of music production, who is one of the most acclaimed producers in the Spanish music scene.

This will be the order of the songs from his long-awaited new album: ‘Bienvenido’, ‘Dilo sin hablar’, ‘La vida impossible’, ‘Yo invito’, el citado corte con Aitana, ‘Pesimista’, ‘Quiero pero no’ junto a Rojuu, ‘La persona’, ‘Santos que yo pinte’ and ‘Yamaguchi’.