It’s time to put on your pirate hats and pump up your rubber duckies, because Alestorm, the team of world-renowned pirate metal drinkers, have just embarked on a new journey with their seventh studio album, Seventh Rum Of At Seventh Rum, ready to go out. on June 24 via Napalm Records.

Along with its pre-order launch, Alestorm has released the first single from its new album, “Magellan’s Expedition” – an epic quest telling the story of Ferdinand Magellan’s historic circumnavigation of the globe in 1522. The official video was filmed on location in a castle, features tons of pyro, and of course, a massive yellow rubber duck with laser eyes battling a young female warrior, transforming her into a real, beautiful duck. With majestic orchestral backing, swirling folk fiddles and huge Latin choirs, this song is an Alestorm classic like you haven’t heard in years = a true throwback to the early days of Captain Morgan’s Revenge. Watch the video below.

The band spent two years during lockdown going crazy and frantically extracting the craziest pirate metal anthems from their treasure chest of ideas, and created the most epic and serious album Alestorm (yes, serious) you have ever heard. From “Magellan’s Expedition”, a symphonic choir, to the driving anthem “Under Blackened Banners”, with intense technical riffs and exquisite solo duels, Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum is a true return to the beginnings of Captain Morgan’s Revenge. But fans of Alestorm’s modern sound needn’t worry either – there’s plenty of party vibes to the aptly named future hit song “PARTY”, and the high-speed folk metal banger and insane “Cannonball” has the most ridiculous and offensive lyrics you’ve ever heard in a pirate metal song (making “Fucked With an Anchor” sound tame).

As an added treat for diehard collector fans, some special editions come with a full acoustic rendition of the entire album, and there’s even a legendary version of the For Dogs album again. In the wooden box only, there is a special 7-inch vinyl single, including “Christmas With Alestorm” and “Nyár Van”.

Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum will be available in the following formats:

– Napalm wooden case incl. Media Book, 7” Single (transparent green), Shot Glasses, Flag – limited to 1000, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
– EMP wooden crate incl. Media Book, 7” Single (transparent orange), Shot Glasses, Flag – limited to 500, EMP exclusive
– 3 CD Earbook (48 pages) incl. Bonus acoustic album, exclusive bonus album (for dogs) – limited to 500, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
– 2 Mediabook CDs + Tankard Bundle incl. Bonus acoustic album – limited to 500, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
– 2 LP Gatefold Deluxe Vinyl (green/black splashed) incl. Bonus acoustic album, 20-page booklet – limited to 500, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
– 1 LP Gatefold Vinyl (glow in the dark) – limited to 300 copies, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
– 1 LP Gatefold Vinyl (orange) – limited to 300 copies, exclusive to EMP
– 1 LP Gatefold Vinyl (black)
– 2 Mediabook CDs included Bonus Acoustic Album, 40-page booklet
– 1 CD Jewel Case incl. 20 page booklet
– Music Cassette (green) – limited to 250, Napalm Records Shop & EMP exclusive
– Digital scrapbook
– Deluxe digital album

Pre-order here.

Track list:

“Magellan’s Expedition”
“The Battle of Cape Fear River”
“Under Blackened Banners”
“Seventh rum of a seventh rum”
“Bite the Hand of the Feeding Hook”
“Return to Tortuga”
“Come to Brazil”
“Pencil Leg (Part III)”

7” single track listing:

Side A: “Christmas with Alestorm”
B-side: “Nyar Van”

Video “Magellan’s Expedition”:

Line up:

Christopher Bowes – vocals, keytar
Gareth Murdock – bass
Mate Bodor – guitar
Peter Alcorn – drums
Elliot Vernon – keyboard

(Photo – Peter Lerch and Elliot Vernon)