Recorded in Italy with local donors Don Antonio, 2018 The passage Bridges to the Immigrant Soul from the 2002 audio piece by Alejandro Escovedo By the hand of the father.

From folklore to punk, classic rock, idealistic and disillusioned, “The passage proves another way forward for our man Johnny Thunders, Joey Ramone and Neal Cassady, ”said the the Chronicle. Noirish (“Footsteps in the Shadows”), roots (“Texas Is My Mother”), sneering (“Teenage Luggage”), Stonesy (“Something Blue”), hookish (“Outlaw for You”), balladic (“Silver City” “), modern (” MC Overload “), the Escovedo story of two Latin teenagers meeting in Galveston spans an hour-long journey through pop culture nirvana turned xenophobic dystopia.

Originally sold out on Record Store Day 2020 and mapped in Mexico, its iteration in Spanish received a widespread reissue in August. Translated by Escovdeo and lead singer Alex Ruiz from Del Castillo, La Cruzada additionally fulfills crucial vocal support from Austin Castanets Queen Patricia Vonne and San Antonio’s Vanessa Del Fierro. Don Antonio Gramentieri lends the Italian and the English maestro on the melting duo “Volador”.

For his part, Ruiz lends lurking drama to a starving storyline. The singer’s rich Spanish vowel dominates the stripped down and lone star vibe of “Tejas Es Mi Madre”, “Cuantas Veces” and “Lluvia de Flor de Cerezo”. We miss Escovedo’s overripe croon and derision, but when he and Ruiz share a mic on “Bandido Para Ti”, a moment of Marfa lights flashes through the entirety of The passage/La Cruzada.