Very few bands have had such a checkered career as the iconic RAMMSTEIN. From scintillating live performances to a whole host of censorship battles, the band has become a worldwide phenomenon. Three years have passed since the release of their seventh studio album and now it’s time to get ready for the sequel titled Weather which is scheduled for release on April 29 via Universal music. Will this effort push the envelope further than ever?

Army of Tristen kicks off this release with a combination of dramatic synths and gripping prose. Seductive riff work is also littered around the track. Vibrant, uplifting melodies towards the final stages aren’t something we’re used to feeling for RAMMSTEIN with their penchant for walking through the darker side of the spectrum. It’s also slightly ironic given the translation of the song’s title (‘Army Of The Sad’).

Weather on the other hand follows a more solemn and melancholy path, using emotive piano segments to give it an appealing cinematic edge. The minimalist and teeming guitar elements really help to amp up the atmosphere being built. Schwarz also instantly goes for the heartstrings, opting for a restrained yet engrossing rhythm. The sinister undertones add an extra element of unease to the proceedings. Present plunges into familiar territory as the German powers begin to show industrial prowess. The leader’s multi-faceted vocal delivery Until Lindemann brings a variety of moods and sensations to the fore.

Zick Zack delivers addictive riffs as the cheeky, playful side of the band rears its ugly head, taking swipes at the growing fascination with cosmetic enhancements. This is destined to be a surefire live hit. OKAY up the ante with hard-hitting hooks and signature electronica-fueled intensity. If you close your eyes, you can envision seeing the pyro flying from every angle imaginable. Meine Tranen takes a very uncomfortable turn in bringing up the subject of abuse. Whether you fully understand the theme or not, the narrative and accompanying mood are enough to feel the mood that is being conveyed. Anguish features jarring waves of heaviness alongside punchy snare hits. Another stellar vocal performance is also unveiled and will undoubtedly leave you with goosebumps.

First impressions of the fun title Dicke Titten was it RAMMSTEIN had worked their way through the Wallace and Gromit box set during their downtime, but it wasn’t long before another round of crunchy guitar work set in. This has an impending single written all over it, most likely accompanied by another wild and goofy X-rated video. Lugen brings serious demeanor back to center stage, combining subtle tones with powerful bursts of energy to great effect. The inclusion of self-tuned sections respects the line between dodgy and genius. Goodbye Instantly draws you in with its tense synths that soon descend into a monstrous stadium rock riff that will have you banging your head in approval. This track is so perfectly euphoric that it leaves you with a sense of contentment as the album draws to a close.

RAMMSTEIN have forged a successful career throwing predictability and caution out the nearest window and Weather might just be their boldest venture yet. This release has everything you could hope for from the legendary outfit as it cuts across the emotional spectrum, once again proving exactly why they are one of the most cutting-edge bands to ever grace the music industry. the music. It’s unclear how long they’ll continue to grace us with their presence, but before we worry about their inevitable cessation, get ready to embrace another masterpiece.

Rating: 10/10

Zeit is available now through Universal Music.

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