There is no bigger music fan than a musician. Being so entangled in the medium allows the obsession to flourish in the healthiest way. Nor is there any greater love than that of a father for his child. Nothing more true for MARC TREMONTI. The guitarist’s love for FRANK SINATRA allowed him to undertake the beautiful project of Tremonti sings Sinatra. Released this Friday, the album was organized as a gift to the National Down Syndrome Society who works for the benefit of those living with Down syndrome and their families – one such person being Tremontiher daughter, Stella.

For those who have expectations in the first rounds of Tremonti sings Sinatra, this project will quickly demonstrate why these should be parked at the door. Recorded with the surviving members of Sinatratouring band, there’s no sign of heavy metal in sight. Instead, we’re treated to a list of 14 brass, swing, and easy-listening songs.

Taking the music world by storm, I have you in my skin opens the debates with light drums and airy brass instrumentals. The moment TremontiThe characteristic baritone voice of seeping through the speakers, we are simply blown away. Her vocal resemblance to Sinatra is strange. Blues tones of TremontiThe vocals and the instrumental merge beautifully for a stunning opener. In an upcoming feature with us, Tremonti revealed that he spent hundreds of hours studying YouTube footage of old Blue Eyes in an effort to mimic his undertones. Right from the start, we can say that considerable efforts have more than paid off.

One trepidation many have around a cover album is that the artist will only cover the big hits and do so less than convincingly. This is not the case here either. In a list of tracks organized by Tremonti himself, Tremonti sings Sinatra features some of those hits, but leans more towards the deeper cuts. I have the world on a chainjubilation allows Tremonti to exercise a side to himself that we rarely see in heavy music fans. Joy radiates through her low register as her voice sizzles against the smooth copper tones. The exclamation of “What a world / What a life” gives us second-hand elation for a man living out his childhood dream. To advance, Vague exudes seduction with its nylon guitar and quivering woods. Those deeper cuts are refreshing to listen to, but what’s a wonderful surprise is the breadth of Tremontivocal range. Moving seamlessly through the octaves, its delivery borders on perfection, prompting us to rewind the track to one point in particular so we can drink it one more time.

The strongest element of TremontiWheelhouse has always been the ability to evoke emotion with nothing but your voice. Throughout his rich career with CREED, ALTER BRIDGE, and his solo band, many fans were moved to tears by the simplest of inflections. It continues with the stunning I fall in love too easily. The gentle swaying of the woodwind section dictates the glorious ebb and flow of this story of heartbreak. “My heart should be well educated” comes with a distinct crack in the voice like TremontiThe voice passes front and center. Even though there is a swell in a full big band movement, it sits at the minimalist end of the scale, allowing all the emotion of the track to come from the vocal alone. While Tremontiinterpretations of the most catchy songs of Sinatrais stellar, it’s in the ballads that he really excels. Originally the title track of the first concept album, In the wee hours of the morning is breathtaking in its simplicity. This story of isolation and nocturnal loneliness gently sweeps through its execution. That much, Tremonti has more than proven its worth in this area, but it is this trail that comes highly recommended. The balance between huge instrumental crescendo and TremontiThe voice of is exquisite because no element outweighs the other.

What will attract curious listeners are the big hits we mentioned earlier – and in particular whether or not they will stay true to their original. How it works Tremontithe voice of fare when thrown into the ring with people like fly me to the moon or Luck be a lady? It will be music to the ears of these devotees Sinatra fans when they hear the upbeat rhythms of fly me to the moon‘s piano or how trombone strokes become an accessory for Tremontirather than dominating the moment. You make me feel so youngThe exuberance of makes the whole record experience”a wonderful adventure to launch”. While That’s lifeprovocative attitude TremontiThe gritty voice born of metal is on display, it’s more than appropriate here. People may not consider That’s life like a typically popular song these days, but the swagger it holds in the instrumental with the charisma of TremontiThe voice of should give him a new breath.

A song piques our curiosity while looking at the song list. My way received the cover treatment 163 times. Spitting in the face of the track’s intimidation, Tremonti and the band captures the moment in the last song recorded for the album. Sticking to the proven acoustic intro, TremontiThe voice of is soft and serene. He fills Sinatra‘s boots wonderfully because every nuance of every word has been taken into account. In a song that tugs at the heartstrings at the best of times, taking Tremontithe intention of this project under consideration gives My way a whole new meaning. It might not come to a crescendo in the typical big band, big note sense, but it doesn’t have to. The power of an artist comes from knowing when moments like this are needed. This song and this record are proof that he is a man who has this knowledge in abundance.

There are few words that can sum up Tremonti sings Sinatra. Perhaps attempting to do so will take away from the experience of this disc. We’ve been shown many times throughout this album that taking a chance can pay off in wonderful ways. Tremonti sings Sinatra carries majesty in spades. In a love letter to his musical hero and his incredible daughter, MARC TREMONTI created a “beautiful rhapsodywhich is nothing less than intoxicating perfection from start to finish.

Rating: 10/10

Tremonti Sings Sinatra is set to be released on May 27 via Take A Chance For Charity.

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