Album review: Thoughtcrimes - Tap Night (Deluxe)

Six songs ranging from metalcore to slower rock

In 2019, the music industry saw many songs released from a wide range of genres. Metal has had no shortage of big-name releases in 2019, with several popular artists such as Dream Theater, Darkthrone, Tool, and Korn all releasing albums. A group formed during this year, with the aim of creating their own form of metalcore music. Five people – singer Rick Pepa, guitarists Russ Savarese and Brian Sullivan, bassist Cody Hosza and former Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer – came together in 2019 to form Thoughtcrimes, a group committed to making great music. metal. The same year, the group released their first EP, Press Night, before releasing the disc with additional songs in 2021.

Tap Night (Deluxe) is a collection of six songs, each with its own distinct style. Some songs are made up of metalcore instrumentals, while others focus on slow motion rock.

“Artificer” kicks off the album with a fast and strong hardcore attitude before moving on to something slower and more vocal-oriented. This is possibly the best song on this album, showing the band’s ability to change dynamics seamlessly.

“Misery’s a Muse” reflects the miseries of life through more energy and a fast pace. It might not be the happiest theme, but it effectively tells a story about the different forms of suffering and torment that people face on a daily basis.

“Soapbox Sermon” is another fantastic song from the album that seems to tell a story about crime and survival. While the instrumentals look great on every track, this one might be the best. “Soapbox Sermon” is a great example of a song that can totally overwhelm people with its excellent instrument.

“Punk Rock Guilt” is another track that manages to combine hardcore and metal influences with more rock vocals that sound more clearly than you hear on many metalcore songs. Savarese and Sullivan showcase their talents throughout their album, but on this song especially, they steal the show.

One potential downside is that it is sometimes difficult to hear the vocals, which can put off new metal fans. The lyrics are certainly hard to understand on many tracks, but to be honest that’s part of why metal is such a distinct genre. Longtime metal fans, on the other hand, will appreciate the brutal instrumentals and daring vocals, especially on tracks like “Artificer” and “Wedlock Waltz”, where the band’s technical abilities are perfectly mastered.

Absolutely, Tap Night (Deluxe) marks a great start for Thoughtcrimes, and the newly added tracks keep the momentum going, ensuring it always sounds fresh to listeners. Independent music continues to find its way into the mainstream with many major labels choosing to go in other directions for their musical tastes; This has allowed Thoughtcrimes to show their collective talent to the world and help maintain the genre in a way that is sure to appeal to metalheads around the world.


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