When it comes to legendary progressive metal, ANYBODY have been sitting at the table for a long time. The Andorrans have spent the last twenty years handcrafting some of the finest works of the genre and have just unveiled their latest opus, metanoia. This will be the sixth release from their formidable repertoire – the last since 2017. Atma – and sees them portray their prolific formula of intense and precise modern metal. metanoia sees them continuing their established roots, concocting a potent mix of tech death and progressive metal in a frenetic assortment of metallic mayhem.

He begins by lending the opening piece to the services of LEPEREinar Solberg which delivers a thoughtful and distinctively powerful vocal performance above the fast strings before the jagged synths allow the track to dive straight into katabase where things get considerably heavier. The riffs begin to tumble and piercing screams ravage the track. However, the subtlety holds its own against the carnage, allowing the heavy moments to bite harder while maintaining a real air of melody and serenity. We are taken for a ride that ANYBODY want us to get started, whether we like it or not.

And just like that Architecture of the I is upon us, upright and technical as the band display their instrumental magic before sliding into another searing technological death assault. Notes tumble at lightning speed and intricate fills spill out of the drums like gemstones. The pace picks up as we’re pulled into leap of faith which begins with a ghostly piano melody that seeps deep into the roots of the track before building a crescendo of strings and metallic elements. ANYBODY are keen to show us that they are much more than mere purveyors of heaviness, they can also activate melancholy whenever they wish.

As they continue to prove in Aware of being watched. There are some ‘TESSERACTisms” to draw from this track. Jerky drum patterns shimmer impossibly through the early stages and launch us into more progressive magic and we finally embark on a seven-minute journey in which the dynamic constantly shifts from prolific to painfully complex. Merkabah offers more of the same. Ultra-technical, genre-defining riffs and a deadly drum volley. Consciousness (Pt.3) is simply programming heaven. Acting as a sequel to parts 1 and 2 of their seminal album spiritual migrationit begins with danceable guitar patterns and takes us on an eleven-minute journey of jaw-dropping genius.

That leaves us with the vast trilogy named Anabasis, parts 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The triad of tracks opens with cello and the sound of crackling fire before building momentum and finally bursting into another progressive metal mixer. Harassed screams wage war with soothing harmonics, prolific death-tech riffs and finally an orchestral outing as we are led to the album’s magnificent conclusion. ANYBODY are masters, and metanoia sees them create some of their best work. It’s impossible not to be impressed with the sheer scale of this album, and it’s sure to be among the year’s favorites for many.

Rating: 9/10

metanoia is available now via Napalm Records.

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