I think it would be fair to assume that Angus Stone likes the weird puff on a big fat joint. Certainly, the music of his alter ego Dope Lemon has been imbued with a hazy, hippie, and laid-back groove throughout his two previous albums, Honey bone and Smooth Fat Cat, and its latest version is no different.

That’s not to say that there’s nothing out of date about Pink cadillac. In fact, it’s a perfect album for chilling out with the one you love and dreaming about hot summer days spent relaxing in the sun and soaking up the sun without anything particularly important to grab your attention.

Spaced vocals and an interwoven lo-fi production of sweet, soulful grooves that are woozy and mellow predominate for much of Pink cadillac. The title track and “Kids Fallin ‘in Love” are sweet love songs that are funky and laid back with just a dash of old school soul. While “Howl with Me” and “Stingray Pete” add some trippy psychedelia to the mix, giving off a faint whiff of Mamas and Papas and Lovin ‘Spoonful and all those other upbeat old folks, who helped lead the way. to the original Summer of Love.

Pink cadillac isn’t stuck in a single gear though, and “God’s Machete” adds a more than persuasive appeal to the dancefloor with an insistent bass and baggy groove. In fact, it’s a track that only needs a full remix treatment to rocket it wholeheartedly into the midst of a crowd with hands up and smug smiles. Indeed, as Stone sings on the closing track “Shadows in the Moonlight”, “Everyone knows that if you want to find love, all you have to do is dance in the moonlight” – which is definitely something to consider as we wait for Spring to return.

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