Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi stressed on Sunday that Lebanese officials “have no right to reject the hands that are extended to help them”, in an apparent reference to the Arab and international demands document that was presented to Lebanon by Kuwait. .

Lebanese officials “must not conceal truths, distort facts, conceal the multiplicity of weapons, justify violations and practices, or avoid giving answers to key questions,” al-Rahi said in his Mass sermon. Sunday.

He added that “because the Lebanese state today is unable to agree on a unified position regarding the proposals and initiatives submitted to it”, an international conference sponsored by the UN must be held to “put put in place an executive mechanism for UN resolutions”. ”

Commenting on former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s withdrawal from political life, al-Rahi described Hariri as “the man of moderation”, and said his decision was “surprising”.

“This has triggered alarm and protest from a national party which is an essential partner in the national partnership,” the patriarch added, referring to the Sunni community.

“As we hope his decision is temporary, we would like the dear Sunni community to maintain their enthusiasm for the elections,” al-Rahi continued.