On Saturday, Adele took to Instagram Live to chat with fans and ended up sharing a clip of “Easy On Me” from her upcoming album. Before playing it, Adele said it might “get her in trouble”, and right after she cut the music, her phone started to explode. She called him!

The clip was worth it for the fans and Adele looks amazing.

“There is nothing good in this river that I have washed my hands in forever / And there is hope in these waters, but I cannot bring myself to swim when I am drowning”, sings she does.

A fan asked her what the new album is about, and Adele replied, “Divorce, baby. Divorce!”

Adele was recently divorced from ex Simon Konecki and appears to be happily dating sports agent Rich Paul. Considering that most of his albums are about love and heartbreak, this new one should be a doozy.

During her stream, Adele answered a question about the #FreeBritney movement and the end of Britney Spears’ father as the head of her guardianship.

“Of course I support #FreeBritney,” Adele said from her home in LA. “I love Britney. I’ve met her many times… absolutely adore her. [I’m] really happy for her.

For the most part, Adele had nothing but good things to say about everyone, answering questions about Taylor Swift, Doja Cat and Harry Styles.

“I love Taylor Swift, I love Doja Cat too,” she exclaimed, before adding Lana Del Rey to the list as well. Of Styles, she said, “Yeah, I know Harry. He is adorable, he is a very, very nice boy.

“Easy On Me” is scheduled for release in its entirety on October 15, although the album’s official title has yet to be announced. Fans expect Adele to call him “30”To stay in line with her tradition of naming albums after her age, despite currently being 33 years old.

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