New Delhi,UPDATE: Oct 18, 2022 4:45 PM IST

By Ankita Garg: 5G services were rolled out earlier this month in fewer cities in India with more expected to become available in the coming months. Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said at least 4 cities in Odisha will get 5G by March 2023. It will be fully available across the state by the end of next year , according to the government official.

“In the first phase, four to five towns in Odisha will get 5G services by March 2023, and by the end of next year, about 80% of the state’s area will be covered,” said he declared.

Vaishnaw also said that the government aims to cover more than 200 cities by March next year and then plans to expand 5G services to more cities as well as rural areas. The names of these towns are currently unknown. Initially, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) said 13 major cities would get 5G first. But that didn’t happen.

Reliance Jio initially offered 5G services in just four cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi. Airtel, on the other hand, has managed to roll out 5G in more cities. These are Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurugram, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Varanasi and Chennai. Telecom operators have said they will expand 5G support to more cities as they become 5G ready.

5G is said to offer a maximum data transfer speed of up to 20 Gbps per second or more than 100 Mbps per second. Comparatively, we get up to 1 Gbps of speed over 4G. According to our tests conducted at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) event, Airtel 5G gave us a download speed of 306 Mbps and an upload speed of 25.4 Mbps. 4G, on the other hand, only gave us 50.5 Mbps download and 1.87 Mbps upload speeds. While this isn’t the highest 5G speed result compared to what Ookla got in its 5G trials, it’s still good to experience faster internet speeds.

As of now, there are no details on Vodafone Idea’s 5G services. Not all the companies have revealed prices for 5G plans yet, and they are currently offering the latest network for free as telecom operators conduct 5G trials across India.