Bollywood is a fascinating world with many surprises hidden under its clothes. Thanks to the glitz and glamor associated with the industry, we often end up idolizing and becoming fans of our on-screen heroes. There is a notion that not all on-screen heroes are grounded and humble in front of cameras. But for Ankita Bhalla, editor-in-chief of PeepingMoon, meeting her hero Ranveer Singh was a heavenly and out of the world experience. The Bollywood superstar, known for his infectious energy, broke the idea and proved that some heroes are real gentlemen.

On October 6, 2021, Ranveer met the media at the launch of his television debut, The Big Picture. Ankita, who attended the launch as a representative of PeepingMoon, had plenty to celebrate at the end of the event.

Here’s why!

Lights, cameras, proposal and recovery!

Ankita, who has been a Ranveer fan for years now, had a golden opportunity from Team The Big Picture to take the stage with a proposal for the actor. Nervous and excited in equal parts, the editor-in-chief knelt with a bouquet in her hand. Not only that, she even used a dialogue from the Baaja Baaraat group as an impromptu script. In fact, Ranveer asked for a cover and Ankita did so with a lot of enthusiasm.

Family time

At the launch, media staff were invited to play 5 rounds of the quiz. Ankita, who was stuck at one point, decided to use a lifeline and called her younger sister in Punjab, who was thrilled to interact with RS!

Ranveer Singh and his wickedness

Throughout the event, Ranveer spared no effort to pull Ankita’s leg. The fan girl couldn’t take her eyes off the actor and every moment Ranveer noticed, he made sure to tease Ankita, “Your eyes are on me, not on questions, Ankita Ji”.

The video that became Ankita’s audition clip

Yes, at the launch of Bigg Boss 15 at Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh on September 25, media were invited to shoot an original video that could be used as an audition clip for The Big Picture launch. Ankita’s video erased all the towers and even reached Ranveer. The actor reviewed the video with the crowd. While playing the video, Ranveer walked over to Ankita and put his hand around her shoulder, which was worth it!

Ranveer peeping into PeepingMoon’s gossip about him

Ranveer, with his wicked sense of humor, told Ankita that he was aware of how PeepingMoon interfered in his personal and professional life, well, no one is complaining!

Growing up in the land of makke di roti te sarso da saag, journalism was unknown in his part of the world. Fresh out of college, Ankita landed her first professional stint as an assistant editor at the Delhi newspaper of the Times of India. In addition to technical know-how, she also learned the details of print media as well as newspaper design and planning.

Making a complete 180 and moving away from mainstream media, Ankita understood the changing dynamics of the Fourth Pillar by joining an online entertainment news portal, Pinkvilla, in 2015. Inducted as one of the leading writers, Ankita worked the broadcast of exclusive entertainment news. and follow the leads on the scoops. What can be billed as a major leap in her professional life, Ankita joined PeepingMoon, an entertainment and celebrity news portal, as Editor-in-Chief in 2017. Currently, she has responsibilities. between the editorial, the report as well as the management operations of the English, Hindi and Marathi classification offices of the portal. In addition, she also hosted a popular talk show called “Let’s Talk”, season 2 of which is set to be webcast.

With a subscriber count of 18.1,000 (and it’s not over yet), Ankita is poised to take new steps and grow in sync with the ever-changing digital diaspora.